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Brazil and Bolivia sign an agreement on biofuels and fertilisers

BRAZIL / BOLIVIA, (TV BRICS) – Brazil and Bolivia signed a memorandum of understanding in Brasilia aimed at increasing biofuel and fertiliser production in both countries. The pact includes, among other things, studies on the construction of nitrogen fertiliser plants.

Bolivia has large reserves of natural gas as well as minerals used in other types of fertilisers but does not have enough resources to set up plants. Among the points of the agreement is strategic cooperation on feasibility and environmental studies to attract investment in projects with development potential.

The meeting of foreign ministers of the two countries also included discussions on new energy integration projects.

The commitments were signed by Brazilian foreign minister Mauro Vieira and his Bolivian counterpart Celinda Sosa, who on Tuesday made her second official visit to Brasilia since taking office in November. Vieira said that Bolivia played an important role as a supplier of natural gas to the Brazilian market.

“We want to take cooperation to a new level through new energy integration projects, as well as fertiliser and biofuel production,” he noted.

Sosa admitted that the two countries shared the desire to shift to clean energy sources. For this reason, they also agreed to start talks for Brazil to support La Paz in increasing the production of biofuels.

Bolivia is the country with which Brazil has the largest land border – more than 3,400 kilometres. The South American giant is Bolivia’s largest trading partner. In 2022, bilateral trade totalled almost US$3.3 billion.

For its part, Bolivia is the main supplier of natural gas to the Brazilian market and thus plays an important role in ensuring the country’s energy security.



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