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Bolivia denounces OAS interference in its internal politics

BOLIVIA, (teleSUR) — Bolivia’s foreign affairs minister Rogelio Mayta denounced that the Organization of American States (OAS) secretary Luis Almagro tries to influence his country’s political processes since this international official continues to maintain that the 2019 presidential elections were fraudulent, as reported.

OAS General Secretariat reiterates the findings of the Electoral Integrity Analysis of 2019 in Bolivia

On Monday, Almagro rejected the analysis of the presidential elections carried out by the Deep Tech Lab research group of the University of Salamanca. This institution reviewed the electoral computer system and concluded that there was no manipulation of the results since the system had consistency, reported Telesur, and that “despite this evidence, the OAS Secretary holds that he will never have confidence in those elections,” adding, “to justify his statements, Almagro argues that the OAS “Analysis of Electoral Integrity” found that electoral authorities destroyed electronic evidence of irregularities.

Minister Mayta accused him of irrational and illegal conduct aimed at coordinating new destabilization attempts in this Andean country. “The investiture Almagro holds is protecting him,” he said and recalled that the 2019 coup d’etat left-over 30 Bolivians dead.

“The Bolivian State will denounce Almagro before his organization for the gravity of his statements and acts,” the ministry said. Social organizations gathered at the “Unity Pact” declared a state of emergency to defend the Luis Arce administration against the OAS support of far-right organizations, which ignore the constitutional rights of the Bolivian people, reports indicated.



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