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Antigua – Barbuda machine-readable passport recall extends indefinitely, new revenue measures in $1.9 budget

Prime Minister and Minister for Finance, Gaston Browne

By Caribbean News Global

ST JOHN’S, Antigua – The Passport and Citizenship Division of Antigua and Barbuda announced that through a decision of the cabinet of Antigua and Barbuda, it has extended the deadline for the mandatory recall period for all Antigua and Barbuda machine-readable passports indefinitely. The new Antigua and Barbuda ePassport was introduced in April 2017.

“The decision was taken in light of the continuing impact of global events on the ability of citizens here and abroad to meet the previous deadline of 31 December 2023.”

Citizens of Antigua and Barbuda with a Machine-Readable passport are advised that the document remains valid until its expiration. The www.ab.gov.ag will continue to issue ePassports to new applicants and persons with expired passports, the government announced.

Meanwhile, the House of Representatives on Tuesday evening passed the 2024 national Budget (Appropriation Bill 2023) XCD$1.9 budget without the participation of the opposition.

The House approved the Appropriation Bill, 2023 and the Revenue Miscellaneous Provisions Bill, 2023, which made adjustments to several revenue measures designed to strengthen revenue collection, reduce distortions in the tax system and improve taxpayer compliance.

The ministry of education, creative industries and innovations received the majority share of the budget, with its recurrent expenditure tagged at $198.6M. The prime minister’s ministry and the ministry of finance and public private partnerships received $177.7M, while the ministry of health, wellness, social transformation and the environment was allocated $160. 5M.

New revenue measures will see the implementation of a 10 percent excise tax on alcohol, tobacco, and cannabis products; increasing the ABST rate from 15 percent to 17 percent and applying this rate to the tourism sector, which currently attracts a rate of 14 percent; amendments to the Airport Administration charge and the introduction of an environmental charge.

The Senate will meet on Friday 22nd December to commence debate on the Bill.



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