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Antigua – Barbuda Labour Party to take action against unacceptable behaviour

By Caribbean News Global contributor

ST JOHNS, Antigua – Chairman of the Antigua and Barbuda Labour Party (ABLP) E. P. Chet Greene, has notified the people of Antigua and Barbuda that the executive of the party will be taking swift action to maintain the dignity of the party and to honour the rules and code of ethics that guide the behaviour of its members.

“As chairman of the ABLP, my attention has been drawn to several instances, over the last few weeks, of unacceptable behaviour, directed at public figures in the institutions of our country, by a member of our party.  Such behaviour violates the rules and code of ethics that guides the membership of the party and places its standing at risk,” Greene said.

“The party has machinery for dealing with such infractions, and this machinery will be put in motion immediately. There is no citizen of Antigua and Barbuda more privileged than another, and no member of the ABLP who is more favoured than any other. In these circumstances, the party machinery will inquire into these infractions, listen to all sides, and take swift action.   No individual is bigger than the party, and no one is greater than the institutions of our nation,” The ABLP chairman said.

The ABLP chairman called on all members “to refrain from making any public statements, including on social media, about this matter,” cautioned that, “this issue is not one for personal reaction; it is a matter for the ABLP and its appropriate machinery”.

Greene pledged, as early as Monday, September 28, that he “intends to invoke the party’s machinery and any, regardless of their position, who make public statements will not be permitted to participate in the proceedings, except to offer a defence of their actions”.

Chairman Greene also issued a warning to media houses: “We regret that a certain media house has encouraged public utterances, which are libelous, in the mistaken belief that it has avoided legal redress by simply stating it has no evidence to support the utterances that were made. We advise all media houses that by broadcasting or publishing libel, they are accountable under the law. We strongly recommend every media house to desist from participation in libel and slander which have enforceable consequences,” he continued.

“The Antigua and Barbuda Labour Party is the instrument by which the people of our country attained their human, political and industrial rights since the 1930s. Its reputation and standing are paramount and must be upheld and respected. This will be done, according to its rules, and with full regard to its responsibilities of leadership to the people of Antigua and Barbuda,” the ABLP chairman said.



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