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American duplicity on the ‘One China Policy’: Part 2

By Denys Springer

What we are now beginning to see is a fightback; a dislike and hatred for Chinese people who treat the natives as their slaves.

A clear example of this fightback is seen in the Congo, and The Solomon Islands, to revert to Taiwan. And even in Sri Lanka, the debt trap policies of the Chinese government have now seemingly seized a Sri Lanka Port. However, what we are now beginning to see is a fightback that has cancelled huge Solar projects with China and refused the importation of Chinese fertilizers, found to have unacceptable chemicals. This has upset the Chinese government to take action, to the extent of reportedly withholding a Sri Lankan government bank account in China.

Xi Jinping went on further by trying his utmost to split the Tamils and Singhalese people, once again by having their ambassador visiting a Tamil temple dressed as if he was a Tamil and later giving out laptops to schools, etc.

Here is a country that does not want others to interfere with their treatment of the people in Hong Kong or in Xinxiang Province where the world believes that genocide and slave labour is taking place. The world is also worried about what is happening in Tibet by the callous treatment of the people there. Yet, the Chinese government is trying their very best to tempt the Tamils away from the government in Sri Lanka. They have already had some success in Nepal and Bhutan to seemingly compensate politicians.

What we have witnessed in a Covid virus world is that Taiwan can help and Taiwan is helping – in many ways, emerging as an independent and fully-fledged democracy. Lithuania has shown courage in not observing the abstract – One China policy. The Comprehensive and Progressive Agreement for Trans-Pacific Partnership CPTPP which both Taiwan and China is trying to join and which will need all eleven members to agree, will without a doubt favour Taiwan. China is beginning to be isolated worldwide.

A further problem for Xi Jinping is that Taiwan’s grass-root democracy has gathered world recognition. This was visible in the vote recently in Taiwan on three different areas planned by the Kuomintang (KMT). The opposition party who favours dialogue with China did not have their wish materialize. However, the Taiwanese voters showed that they are one of the smart voters in the world. In my view, the Taiwanese people reign supreme.

What China simply forgets is that as far as literacy is concerned, the Taiwanese people are sophisticated, educated and aware that Xi Jinping’s – back is on the wall. The Taiwanese people know that. The election was the bait the Chinese government needed and if voted for would benefit the mainland.

China is also desperate to get hold of Taiwan’s world-leading micro-chip industry. Currently, India, Singapore, Japan and others are in partnership with Taiwan. This is seen as a shutout for China. They know that any war with Taiwan will rescind the microchip industry. Propaganda and saber rattling is not on their side. The game that is being played is similar to the Biblical “David and Goliath”. I am sure many know who won that dual.

Taiwan has friends all over the world. The Czech Republic is coming on board, siding with Taiwan feeling disgusted by China’s attitude, and now, not observing the so-called One-China Policy. And why is CITI Bank Citibank withdrawing from China to Taiwan’s consumer banking market?

China now knows that Taiwan is preparing militarily day by day, and will find Taiwan very hard to overcome. What China has to bear in mind is that they have the most dams in the world and that they are huge targets, capable of sinking half of China. These are vulnerable without hitting other major strategic targets. Floods have increased tremendously due to heavy rainfall. Three Gorges dam is overflowing, the Yangtze is also overflowing.

China must now know any attack on Taiwan will also be an attack on Japan, Australia, India, South Korea, and the Philippines who are all building up their military at a quick pace. Then, there is Singapore who has already said that if Taiwan is attacked then they could be next and therefore, they have to come to Taiwan’s aid. Australia has already made that clear, so is New Zealand and the United States.

And consider, The Five Eyes is an Anglosphere intelligence alliance comprising Australia, Canada, New Zealand, the United Kingdom, and the United States. These countries are parties to the multilateral UKUSA Agreement, a treaty for joint cooperation in signals intelligence.

The world knows what the US president said to Xi Jinping, who must now realize that he is cornered and isolated in every way. Not only that, many of his countrymen are out of a job and they are seriously short of Coal to keep factories going or even to keep homes warm. Day by day Xi Jinping is making unscrupulous attacks on mostly everyone who he had perceived governance over.

Both Xi Jinping and the CCP are certainly having serious concerns within China itself. Xi has not left China for nearly two years and many are asking why. Therefore, it is clear to many that internally, things are not as rosy as he tries to make out. Even the Winter Olympics seems as if China might fall flat on its face. They are now facing a formidable opponent with the Omicron virus, attending athletics, diplomats and spectators.

However, what was amazing last month is Shinzo Abe of Japan instructions to Xi Jinping that there will be dire consequences should he not discharge from his mind the folic of conquering Taiwan. And that – Taiwan is not Hong Kong! Therefore, Xi Jinping must not endanger Taiwan’s sovereignty, given that an emergency in Japan bears severe consequences. Peace is the only option, and with the prospects of a military alliance between Taiwan and Japan, there is also the QUAD.

China at this moment has bank(ing) issues, hitting foreign trade and China’s SME. China is also experiencing energy resources as Textile industries leave China. China is also faced with companies that are moving to India, Taiwan and South Korea. The US-China trade war is making things worse for China, to which  Vietnam, Thailand, Malaysia are all benefitting from increased employment and economic development.

The death knell for China is a global media Xi Jinping cannot control. Predictable, the people of China and the institutional will turn on him as he has made many enemies in all-important Chinese institutions by his radical reign.

It is said by many, that there are sleeper cells and that is why he has not left China for nearly two years. He is cracking down on many, that are becoming too big for him. He also seems to be hunting everyone and everything such as big tech, private tuition, online brokers or social media influencers. Therefore, he is adopting chairman Mao Zedong form of ideology which is isolating China – a detriment unto itself.

We are now seeing and hearing the biblical ideals of David and Goliath. Xi Jinping attempts to communicate to the world that his One China Policy is absolute and that if you befriend Taiwan you will be punished.

However, Singapore has now befriended Taiwan. The Singapore/ Taiwan cooperation is taking place with joint training in the South of the country. Singapore has made it clear that if China goes to war with Taiwan they will give their support to Taiwan. China will also have to put up with Taiwan’s secret submarine programme, the first to be delivered in 2025. Taiwan is being helped by seven democratic countries on that project. China, with their threats, believes that these countries are playing with fire and therefore will get burned. The countries helping Taiwan with the submarine project are the US, UK, India, Australia, South Korea and Spain.

Chinese belligerence is pushing these countries in one direction. When these electric submarines come into force they will be patrolling the Taiwan Straits. The Chinese military will have to face geographical and adverse conditions from hostile beaches and dense mountains. Landing troops will not be easy.

There is no doubt that the Chinese leader has a lot on his mind at present and must be thinking of what transpired in 1958 with the Great Leap Forward, when Mao thought of industrialising farms.

The order of the day was death and destruction. Forty-five million people lost their lives due to food shortages. And, I am certain that history may very well be repeated because of Xi Jinping self-inflated ego and abscond importance.

America must now take the lead and follow the example of smaller countries that simply do not believe in the so-called One China Policy.

Time for the US to diplomatically recognize Taiwan as an independent country, says Rep. Tom Tiffany

There has been too much duplicity. China’s huge marketplace is gradually shrinking. China is China and there is only One China. Likewise, there is only One Taiwan – or Formosa.

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