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AI can be seen as an opportunity, says Film Commissioner

By Mickella Anderson-Gordon

KINGSTON, Jamaica, (JIS) – Local filmmakers and creatives are being encouraged to capitalise on the opportunities that exist from Artificial Intelligence (AI) while educating themselves about the associated threats.

Newly appointed Film Commissioner at the Jamaica Promotions Corporation (JAMPRO), Jackie Jacqueline Jackson, said that the industry will have to contend with AI.

“AI is coming and whether or not we want to accept it, it’s here. And so, there are the pros and the cons,” and pointed out that to navigate these new times, creatives must ensure that they are properly informed about AI as the technology develops.

“We just have to ensure that we are properly trained, that we’re doing our research [because] education is important. We have to ensure that we are looking at our policy development, that we become unionised so that we can have a space where we can speak up for each other,” Jackson pointed out.

“That is why likeness, image and trademarks are extremely important. You have to understand that you’re getting into a world of intellectual property,” said the Manchester native, who describes herself as “Jamaican to the bone”, pointed out that among the pros of AI is the fact that it can be used to assist creatives in accessing and compiling information that can be used as a launch pad for storytelling and the shaping of narratives.

In addition, Jackson said there is also an opportunity to assess how Caribbean and Jamaican stories are told, “because AI still won’t know half of the things that we already do; our stories and just the years, there’s certain things that AI just can’t do. Not yet”.

“So, that’s how we take advantage of those things; it’s looking at where the gaps are and then creating accordingly. We have the time and space now to talk about who we are and tell our stories.”

Jackson’s advice to creatives is to be careful about their brand, their image and their likeness and “ensure that you’re looking at every single fine print that you’ve gotten as a contract to ensure that you’re not getting the bad end of a stick”.

Pointing out that the conversation surrounding AI is a continuous one since the technology is still developing, Jackson noted that, “at the end of the day, AI can never be as authentic as human so it’s always going to be a knockoff to who we are.” Jackson added: “Although we should be worried, I think it should be less of a worry and also to look at how we will attack the challenge and turn it into an opportunity.”



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