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A Sandals confession the CMO and government kept to themselves: WHY?

Dear Sir

There is nothing more satisfying for a member of the clergy than a Sunday morning confession. “If we confess our sins, he is faithful and just and will forgive us our sins and purify us from all unrighteousness. 1 John 1:9”.

I woke-up to the news and read an article on Loop ‘Sandals Resorts addresses COVID-19 protocols’. The general manager of Sandals Grande Saint Lucia, Winston Anderson says “more rigorous protocols have been put in place across all its properties after several employees tested positive for COVID-19.”

In effect, admitting [after the fact] what the general public knew, what news reporters knew, etc; however, the government of Saint Lucia and the Chief Medical Officer (CMO) ought to have known but did not inform the public.

Was the CMO afraid of telling the truth? Was the CMO under the influence of family, friends and foreigners (FFF)? After all, the public needs to know, because taxpayers pay her salary.

In general, failure to report the truth and relative facts detrimental to public health has the connotation to “compromise lives” and that of several employees, their family and the public at large. This also concedes that public health and the so-called protocols were full of holes, misdirected at the ‘back-door’ to divert attention from the ‘front door’ that is infected with COVID-19.

The confession by the general manager of Sandals Grande Saint Lucia, Anderson and not the CMO and/or the government of Saint Lucia is ostensibly telling of a much larger brotherhood and sisterhood of perhaps secrecy, ethics, trust/mistrust in public officials.

There is also the question why was this not reported to the public as a means of containing and management of COVID-19, since there was a concentrated source – via the ‘front door’ and at hotel plants.

The ‘back-door’ fisherfolk as far as I know of the 220 COVID-19 cases [November 22] seems naturally immune. Not one has reportedly contracted COVID-19, yet they are viciously attacked for economic and political reasons by the government and crony public officials.

In the article the general manager of Sandals Grande Saint Lucia, Anderson said: “In the work environment the protocols are so strong that you are protected. Where I find, not just our team members but in general, once they leave the work environment is where the lapse comes in”.  

Expectedly, I have heard more bull from a bull-cow and/or a “cock that lay eggs”. Psalms 50:13 says: Will I eat the flesh of bulls, or drink the blood of goats?

Laced with conjecture is the thought process and the continuation to blindside that COVID-19 is not manufactured in Saint Lucia. The fact is: COVID-19 is brought into the island via the ‘front-door’ of travel and trade, human contact in affected areas [US, UK, Canada Europe, etc.,] supplemented by public health inadequacies.

This is compromised by the disinformation problem, seemingly more incline to the preservation of political leanings and personal preservation than public health policy.

The other thing to remember is that false and/or suppression of information is detrimental to public policy and governance. The deficiencies to date in basic public health, and an inept government with an Ostrich head in the sand, accommodated by cronies open wide – misrepresentation of facts and truth – public policy and governance on COVID-19 in Saint Lucia.


Monica Fevrier



  1. Y’all should just come directly n say what y’all have to say.. y’all beat around the bush too much n y’all sugarcoat too much.. I lost interest half way

  2. Why do you guys continue to debunk the possibility that the virus was imported from “back door”? We DO NOT know the source. And does it really matter now? The virus is now in our community, so focus on containing the spread and keeping safe.

  3. It seems to me that we fail to recognize that infection can go both ways. Visitors to locals and locals to visitors. At this time what is important is everyone taking responsibility for themselves and showing concern for the welfare of others.
    Follow the protocols, show maturity in behavior and habits, then and only then will we get a firm handle on this situation.


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