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The world goes bananas for Costa Rica’s exports

SAN JOSE, Costa Rica – Quality, product diversity, and market continuity have transformed Costa Rica into a world leader of agricultural exports. The synthesis of a year-round growing season, fertile volcanic soil, and industry innovation have favored the growth of a colorful and varied menu of fresh products ready for exportation.

Traditional and non-traditional agricultural goods on the market include exotic flowers and plants like orchids and ferns; tropical fruits including cash-crops bananas, coffee, pineapple, and berries; rare delicacies like papayas, goldenberry, and dragon fruit; and an assortment of popular vegetables, roots, and tubers.

Costa Rica also boasts a blossoming organic and superfood agricultural sector that rivals most world producers. To satisfy the wants of international buyers, the majority of growers have pursued certifications as GLOBAL G.A.P., Rainforest Alliance, Organic, Fair Trade, Carbon Neutral, and other sustainable practice providers.

Costa Rica’s agricultural exports are already arriving in the largest markets of North America, Europe, and the Middle East thanks to well-established shipping routes and the trusted multinational business relationships that have developed and strengthened over the past 135 years.

And with 14 active Global Free Trade Agreements, the growing agro-industry is reaching more world cities daily.

“We have over 550 companies exporting 329 fresh products to over 100 world destinations,” says Costa Rica’s Export Promotion Agency (Procomer) chief executive officer, Pedro Beirute. “Our products bear the flavor, color, and aroma of our rich land, as well as the excellence, innovation, and sustainability that makes Costa Rica stand out from other Latin American countries.”

Because of its long history of democracy, social justice, and conservation, Costa Rica has become a favorite destination for direct foreign investment in sectors ranging everywhere from agricultural imports to medical research and I.T. The highly educated and skilled labor pool further ensures that investments and businesses thrive.

Director of Sales & Procurement for J&C Tropicals in the US, Luis Cintron, states, “PROCOMER has been a very important part in the development of my key relationships with Costa Rican producers since 2014. With its help, I have been able to diversify the line of products that we import weekly from Costa Rica. They have always been willing to help with any situation and they do it quickly and on time.”

The Essential COSTA RICA Brand

Costa Rica’s most respected agro-industrial exporters comply with a rigorous national affiliation protocol to become licensed with the country brand. Fulfilling the Essential COSTA RICA Brand standard is a multi-step process where each company undergoes an exhaustive evaluation of its organizational management, supply chain integrity, services, and final products.

Costa Rica’s Country Brand is recognized by the International Trade Center (ITC) in Geneva, Switzerland, for setting a worldwide standard for sustainability. A company that has earned the Essential COSTA RICA license is then considered a national industry leader in Excellence, Sustainability, Costa Rican Bond, Innovation, and Social Progress.

PROCOMER is the national trade promotion agency that facilitates relationships between Costa Rican businesses and global buyers and investors. Regional representatives from North America, Europe, the Caribbean, Middle East, and Asia are available to answer questions at



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