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New Cloud technology to deliver major cost savings

LONDON, England – A new and unique solution, stream2Cloud, is set to disrupt the way institutions capture and stream enterprise-scale network packet data in real time from multiple, remote sites on-premise, private, public or hybrid cloud.

The new platform offers firms visibility of the entire enterprise, and access to sophisticated real-time analytics, something which was previously either too complicated or too expensive to do. It reduces costs by at least 50 percent and possibly as much as 90 percent as well as substantially lowering deployment time, from around 6-10 months for traditional solutions to as little as 1-2 weeks.

Stream2Cloud is a new product offering by Velocimetrics, the award-winning provider of business flow tracking and real-time, in-stream performance analytics, and can completely replace hardware. It uses the proven Velocimetrics technology and is a one-stop solution for on-premise and cloud applications.

Steve Colwill, chief executive officer (CEO) of Velocimetrics, said: “We are absolutely delighted to have such a unique and disruptive product, with so many business benefits. Many companies want to run analytics across the distributed enterprise but are unable to do so because of the prohibitive costs and/or complexity. Our new stream2Cloud product elegantly solves both problems. Finance users of stream2Cloud can also take advantage of any of the Velocimetrics full network-to-business data analytics capabilities.”

The platform is designed to be fully compatible with the Velocimetrics range of products and can be seamlessly integrated with VMX EndToEnd for access to finance-specific analytics and visualisation options. It’s of enormous benefit for any institution that requires packet capture, storage, analytics and data aggregation from multiple locations while reducing costs and providing increased visibility of their network and system deployments.

Key benefits include:

  • One-stop solution for on-premise and cloud (public, private and hybrid);
  • Based on the Velocimetrics tried-and-tested technology and fully; compatible with the Velocimetrics products.
  • Zero footprint: no on-premise equipment means it’s quick to deploy and easy to manage;
  • Real-time, enterprise-wide analytics;
  • Telemetry stream which can be captured for visualisation and for further publishing;
  • Direct packet inspection: no download waiting times; deep packet inspection can be done from a web browser.

Reducing cost by a minimum of 50 percent and analysing all data that is captured and stored in a central location means that companies can now take advantage of data intelligence. Our open APIs allow clients to stream key network performance analytics into their own enterprise ‘big data’ systems.

Velocimetrics provides powerful and unique data solutions and is taking its offering one step further by disrupting the burdensome world of on-premise capture hardware infrastructure. It is giving companies a simplified, seamless solution at a disruptive price-point.



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