Sunday, December 10, 2023
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China spy station in Cuba

Dear Sir

China implements systems designed to gather intelligence on US military and other facilities. It has launched and directed spy balloons that have flown over the US to gather information.

It appears China is negotiating an agreement with Cuba to install a spy station to gather intelligence on facilities in the eastern US. This would enable China to monitor communications at our military bases and other sites from Florida to Washington DC.

China would have a potential base in Cuba which could be expanded to house offensive weapons aimed at the US. We nearly went to war with Russia in 1962 when Russia installed offensive missiles in Cuba, which were eventually removed due to a naval blockade of Cuba, including one of the ships I subsequently served on.

If diplomacy does not work with Cuba to remove the equipment, we could jam the communication gathering system with systems in Florida or possibly from our ships in international waters.

China is expanding its military capabilities partly due to the wealth generated by goods exported to the US. We have to get US corporations to realize they are contributing to a weakening of our national security, and get them to bring back manufacturing facilities to our country or move them to friendly countries with cheap labour.

Donald Moskowitz

Londonderry NH



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