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Taiwan Allies – Formosa Club members call for inclusion at COP28

By Caribbean News Global

TAIWAN / DUBAI – COP28, prime ministers of Taiwan’s Caribbean allies Saint Lucia and Saint Kitts and Nevis, Pacific ally Tuvalu, and African ally Eswatini voiced their support for Taiwan’s inclusion in COP28; meantime,169 FC members, consisting of lawmakers and representatives from 12 countries in Latin America and the Caribbean, called on UNFCCC executive secretary Simon Stiell to invite Taiwan to the event, according to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, (MOFA).

The joint letter states that Taiwan has become the 18th country to pass a policy enshrining the goal of net-zero emissions by 2050 into law; add that the government recently set up its ministry of environment and the Taiwan Carbon Solution Exchange, concrete proof of Taiwan’s staunch commitment to promoting green transition, MOFA added.

On the second day of COP28, Taiwan’s allies voiced their support for Taiwan’s participation.

Tuvalu prime minister Kausea Natano, said: “I therefore urge the members of UN to recognize the contribution of the Republic of China (Taiwan) to assist with climate change challenges, health issues and so forth.”

Russell Mmiso Dlamini, prime minister of the Kingdom of Eswatini, said all countries should be part of the agreements and commitments on climate action.

“If countries like Taiwan have voluntarily committed for the sake of the planet and people without being a party to the negotiations, then the rest of us can.”

Prime minister Terrance Drew of Saint Kitts and Nevis called Taiwan a “reliable global partner in the climate crisis,” adding, “Saint Kitts and Nevis firmly believes that Taiwan, as an island nation, should be allowed to play a meaningful role in the existential policy drives of the United Nations.”

Saint Lucia’s prime minister Philip J Pierre, said: “The time is now for world leaders to transform to a safer place for our children,” declaring “And in this battle Taiwan must not be left behind.”

Environment Minister Hsueh Fu-sheng (薛富盛) recently voiced discontent over Taiwan’s exclusion from the upcoming United Nations Climate Change Conference, COP28 in an interview with Nikkei Asia. Hsueh said that it is very unfair to Taiwan as the country has one of the top economies in the world. Hsueh also noted Taiwan’s potential contributions in fields such as economic development, technology research, education, public health, and healthcare. 

Since 1995, Taiwan officials have taken part in the annual conference through the government-funded Industrial Technology Research Institute, acting as an NGO observer. Taiwan is a responsible member of the international community that stands ready to closely collaborate with allies and like-minded partners to respond to the challenges of climate change.

MOFA expressed its sincere gratitude to allies and the Formosa Club, calling for Taiwan’s meaningful involvement in COP28; in addition to underscoring the importance of peace and stability across the Taiwan Strait, the South China Sea, the Korean Peninsula and in the Indo-Pacific region.



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