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US slaps duties on Canadian structural steel: ITC hearing Tuesday

MARKHAM, Ontario –  The Canadian Institute of Steel Construction (CISC), its members, and the Canadian steel industry are very disappointed and disagree with the announcement of January 24, by the US Department of Commerce’s (DOC) final decision, to place anti-dumping duties on Canadian fabricated structural steel.

The Canadian steel industry firmly believes that the announced duty calculations against Canada are unlawful and will actively and aggressively pursue all avenues to correct this finding.

The US International Trade Commission (ITC) will be hearing the structural steel trade case levied against Canada, Mexico and China on January 28, 2020, where they will assess past and future injury against the domestic industry. Depending on the ITC decision, Canada could face duties of 6.7 percent on structural steel exports to the US.

“We will ask the Canadian government to defend our industry from unlawful trade action,” says Ed Whalen, president, and chief executive officer of the CISC. “This is clearly a move to prevent Canada from participating in the American market rather than illegal trade. We will pursue all avenues and provisions under NAFTA and WTO to ensure fairness in trade is preserved.”



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