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US politicians propose abandoning Ukraine

Dear Sir

Representatives Gaetz of Florida and Greene of Georgia joined by Senator Hawley of Missouri have made wild statements and taken absurd positions.

The three of them want to abandon Ukraine, which will allow Russia to overrun Ukraine. Their geopolitical ignorance is astonishing. Greene stated, “Under Republicans, not another penny will go to Ukraine, our country comes first.” Gaetz proposed a resolution calling for an end to aid for Ukraine and Hawley said the US policy of supporting Ukraine’s survival has to stop.

Governor DeSantis of Florida has joined them by saying the Ukraine War is “not a vital national interest but a territorial dispute.”

These government officials put politics first to the detriment of our country. They are trying to make president Joe Biden look bad and don’t consider the impact of their positions on the world stage.

Thankfully, the majority of our government officials understand the world situation and the need to stand up to Russian aggression. They should not allow politics to threaten our national security and the security of other countries.

Vital military funding for Ukraine is hung up in the House of Representatives because the Republicans want to tie it to tightening US/Mexican border security.

I agree we have to stop the influx of illegal immigrants entering our country. However, preventing Russia from conquering Ukraine, attacking NATO countries, and then drawing the US into a major war with millions of casualties and costing hundreds of additional billions of dollars should be a very high strategic priority. 

Donald Moskowitz

Londonderry NH 



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