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Trinidadians still have rights in a pandemic

Dear Sir

The tone of the government’s press conferences continues to become more aggressive and political when faced with valid questions from citizens of Trinidad and Tobago. The minister of health, instead of giving the population much-needed information, chose instead to go on a diatribe.

The government continues to fumble along, leaving the population with more questions than answers. Instead of approaching questions with transparency and accountability, the administration chooses to berate and vilify anyone who speaks out.

This administration has repeatedly tried to politicize all legitimate queries into processes, distribution of funding, testing for COVID-19 and levels of preparedness for this health crisis. This type of rhetoric from persons charged with leading the country endangers all of us.

We remind the government yet again that in the midst of dealing with a pandemic, citizens’ rights must not be trampled upon.

It is appalling that the minister refused to respond to the concerns raised, including questions from members of the media. This approach of deflection and meandering answers is a disservice to an anxious population.

The United National Congress (UNC) is aware of the threat posed by COVID-19, and it is, therefore, disturbing that the minister continues to attack anyone who questions the government’s handling of this public health emergency.

The opposition will not be deterred. We will continue to hold the government accountable to the people of this country.

If the government is serious about uniting to fight the disease, they should accept the opposition leader’s proposal for the formation of a multi-stakeholder task force to map the way forward.

Senator Anita Haynes



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