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The secret of the money that enters the Cuban State

Dear Sir

Well, so many things have been said, what do you think if for once, we remove the mask from the impostor?

Have you ever wondered where the money for medical research comes from and what diseases such as vitiligo, retinitis pigmentosa, hemiplegia, quadriplegia, severe addictions, lupus, nerve cell implantation technique to cure Parkison, heberprot to prevent amputations caused by diabetes, Palmex (a drug to treat benign prostatic hyperplasia), policosanol to lower cholesterol, Va mengoc vc (a drug to treat meningococci B and C, vaccine for lung cancer, stem cell treatments for leukaemia, etc., are treated in Cuba with the latest scientific and technical advances?

All of this is thanks to large government investments in science and research.

Where do you want to be invented for free health for 61 years, and that when you travel there on vacation, you run to the hospital to get splashed and even operate on everything you have left over? Ultrasound, mammography, dental and everything you can solve in the magical country where it costs you nothing, yet you had to pay to live abroad, but you repatriated to that magical country to enjoy the wonderful possibility of good doctors at no cost.

Which magician do you want to bother to subsidize electricity, water, telephone, basic food basket, family doctor, physiotherapy in each polyclinic, oral care, cytological test, vaccination system, maternal care, etc, etc.

In what way and with what resources can doctors, researchers, athletes, musicians and all the Cuban professionals that we have today in Cuba and in the world be trained?

With what do you think the latest generation equipment for our hospitals has been purchased, even though their comfort does not even reach two-star category?

Did you forget that improving interferon was the result of state funding for scientific research?

In the country of Donald Duck and Mickey Mouse, covid patients are dying like flies, in Cuba there are 140 deaths as of December 2020, in a population of almost 11.5 million inhabitants.

You loved opening your mouth and being given drops to strengthen your immune system, you know how much was invested in achieving the result. There are several vaccines in process against covid. You know how many millions it takes to achieve results from a line of research of this nature?

You got sick with covid-19 and there you are, continuing to criticize everything, because you did not die.

The United States blocked the possibility of buying respirators and Cuba manufactured 500 ventilators. I imagine you know that everything is paid for by the State based on what tourism, medical missions, joint investigations and agreements between countries contribute.

How do you think it should be invented to continue attending nursing homes, and the provision of special schools, like the “Solidarity with Panama” school?

How do you think I can continue to provide free vaccines against colon, lung, and breast cancer?

Then you would agree that they would not have a way to maintain the priority care of children with cancer, needing bone marrow transplants, or they would have to interrupt studies using stem cells that save lives in Cuba today.

I could tell you of many more examples, but trusting that you have a normal intelligence quotient and are not part of the artillery of hatred towards our country, I recommend that you:




It is our Cuba, the only one in the world with so many benefits and achievements for our people. To form an army of men and women of science with humanism as the primary praxis, is a work of titanic proportions, possible only when goodness and solidarity govern our actions and our views on the possibilities of this life.

Do not be fooled; in no country in the world will you have the worth and respect that you have in Cuba. Not for fun, it is that even those who hate and have denied those who trained them and gave them the possibility of achieving their professional dreams, proudly display our Cuban flag in their offices and business cards, which emblem, although its colours and elegance have not changed, never in Batista’s time did it have the strength, morality and dignity that it was impregnated with, by the man, who, even in death, continues to adorn it with its worth and excellence.

In no country in the world will you have a health system like ours, or a heart so big to beat side by side with yours.

Have faith and wait for those economic measures to rebound in your favor.

Capitalism is not your solution, I assure you that you will find what has always been with you and perhaps this pandemic is the way to discover it.

We live running after what we can never take with us on our last journey, enjoy my beloved Cuban people, a dignified life is priceless.

Comrade Peter Lansiquot has translated this from the original in Spanish. It appeared on the Continental Solidarity WhatsApp page, which is dedicated to discussions among entities and personalities who love and respect the Cuban people and the historic and heroic six-decade-old revolution. The author of the piece is unknown.



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