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Stop The Vaccine Campaign

September 22, 2023

Good day, Dr Belmar-George:

Stop The Vaccine Campaign

On September 11, 2023, Freedom Coalition, SLU sent an open letter to your health professionals and Ministry expressing our deep concern, and requesting that the Ministry of Health, Wellness and Elderly Affairs stop its media campaign, encouraging the people of Saint Lucia to take the covid so-called, “vaccine”.

Please note that the billboards around the country are deceptively false, implying that these poisonous injections are safe, effective, and necessary. The clear violation by a government body is astounding.

The evidence regarding the health risks of this injection against the biolab engineered covid coronavirus pathogen infection, as cited by several distinguished doctors and scientists around the world, including data captured in  Centers for Disease Control [ CDC]’s Vaccine Adverse Events Reporting System (VAERS), is irrefutable, overwhelming, and conclusive.

The significant number of “excess deaths” being reported in Saint Lucia and around the world, since the advent of the covid injections, is staggering and alarming.

Please take note of the potentially harmful and damaging effects that these injection shots will have on our children, and yours as well, if you have so far decided to give these dangerous poison concoctions to your own family.

The World Health Organization (WHO), a member of the Bretton Woods system, whom you are more accountable and beholden to than to the voices and cries of the innocent people and children of Saint Lucia, your country of birth, has declared that the financially lucrative pandemic is over.

As you must agree, there is no longer a health emergency or crisis on the island of Saint Lucia or anywhere in the culturally rich, diverse, and healthy Caribbean region.

Nevertheless, Pfizer has managed to continue to get these dangerous and lethal covid injections, erroneously classified by your Ministry as “vaccines”, onto the local Saint Lucian market to “freely” (there is a price to be paid through loans, kickbacks and backdoor deals) administer to our young infants and children from 6 months of age under an Emergency Use Authorisation (EAU) ceremonially stamped and endorsed by our local Ministry of Health, as authorised and issued by foreign powers not accountable to the Saint Lucian people.

Giving poisonous, dangerous, and lethal experimental injections to unsuspecting innocent people and children is a crime against humanity, which I am sure, you are fully aware, but hope and expect that you will be shielded and protected by the centres of power that have entrapped you and your entire administration by stealing, and capturing your heart, mind, intellect, and soul.

I must assure you, that at no time in human history has evil ever prevailed or continued perpetually, and it won’t prevail in this case either. It is only a matter of time for these crimes to be exposed and those responsible brought to justice. That process has started and is underway.

Not only will such prosecutions be taking a global, international and regional expression, but national as well, that will function within and outside of the current court system to match and complement the depth, scope, interlocking, global and international dimension that this grievous crime has undertaken.

To substantiate my claim, I point you to a recent video where Dr David E. Martin calls for the destruction of the World Health Organization, which you and members of the government of Saint Lucia faithfully support.

Dr David E. Martin at the European Union (EU) Parliament in Strasbourg: Expert Panel: Discussion Concerning World Health Organization (WHO) Power Grab:

Under current rules and regulations, which we hope to change in the not-too-distant future, the EUA is allowed when there is an emergency.

However, the Ministry of Health is not the agency declaring a health crisis or emergency on the island of Saint Lucia. You and the Ministry of Health and government of the island of Saint Lucia are merely a puppet on a string.

Everything you quote and refer to are from foreign, external sources.

Nothing is national, Saint Lucia derived or internal. This makes the government of Saint Lucia and the Ministry of Health in particularly, secretaries of a higher order.

Such EAUs are being declared by an outside alien, i.e., foreign authority, multilateral institution, foreign corporation, such as the CDC and National Institute of Health [NIH] in  the  United  States  of  America  [USA],  as  well  as  Non–Governmental  Organisations [NGO]s and outside Foundations’ influence e. g Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation that heavily funds the WHO, governmental authorities, organizations, and agencies forming a well-oiled, well-equipped, well-organized, well-indemnified, and richly financed, global international syndicate operation that you and your cohorts in government have sold the national asset, its people, interests and sovereignty of the people of Saint Lucia for profit, gain, and a “ pieces of silver”.

Under external WHO oriented EUA protocols, with whom you have entered into treaty, surreptitiously devoid of national debate or the consent and referendum of the Saint Lucian people, such foreign, externally generated EUA of a chemical substance or government-issued license to import a potentially deadly poison, under the statues and codes that the Saint Lucian government have created in parliament when there is no other approved or effective remedy available to prevent or cure the condition for which the externally induced foreign, eternally induced EAU is issued, to be applied wholesale and without consent, modification or restrictions to the innocent, unsuspecting and misinformed people of Saint Lucia.

In this instance of covid infection our people thankfully know the importance of maintaining a well-functioning immune system, wise choice of herbal remedies and nutritional supplements. We now also have Ivermectin, which is now well-documented as being a sound, safe and effective preventative and curative treatment for covid infections, which your Ministry, bowing to the pressures and demands of a corrupt and inept international order, had blocked, at a juncture where it was most needed, from entering the country to heal the weak, sick, dying, and needy.

This EUA for covid injections should not apply. Moreover, the short clinical trial of this new covid booster vaccine was done only on nine mice, no humans tests or trials were carried out for this new entity.

We also know how difficult it is to be accurate with formulating the correct vaccine for the ever-mutating computer-generated strains of covid infections that keeps popping up.

Remember that in recommending the use of an injection under the false narrative and banner of it being a “vaccine,” three important criteria and parameters should be met:

  1. Is it safe? Our evidence says no.

To date, I know of no documentation of adverse events from these covid injections by our ministry as has been mandated from Caribbean Public Health Agency [CAPHA]. If such data is being collected, tabulated, and maintained, it is not being shared with the public.

In this regard, our Ministry has failed to publish and provide convincing evidence to health professionals and the public, conclusive assurance of the safety of these reckless, inhumane, senseless, experimental injections that the government of Saint Lucia continues to undertake and carry out unabated.

  1. Is it effective? No is what our researchers and persons who have taken the injection have declared, reported, and deduced.
  2. Is it necessary? No, it is not as stated above.

Why then Dr Belmar-George, with your knowledge, expertise, experience, medical practice, and training, would you continue, against the judgment and importance of your soul, continue to advocate to cause damage, injury, and death to our people with these damming injections, which are your people too?

How can you interact with your own family and friends who see you and know the truth? Are you just playing a role, not facing reality?

The use of Wellness Fairs to promote your agenda is criminal and despicable.

It is not too late for introspection and doing the right thing. We can still save lives by stopping these covid injections now.

We all need to do some soul-searching and be at peace with ourselves. The lives we save, maybe those of our own family, friends, and progeny.

We are however confident that most of our people will not participate in these government-sponsored operations or take the potentially poisonous injections as directed.

Many people in Saint Lucia are awakened and know the risks, which in your hearts of hearts, is perhaps what you are depending on to save the precious lives of the Saint Lucian people.

We do not want more people to die and perish on the island of Saint Lucia than we have already experienced since the carefully planned, engineered, and orchestrated pandemic began in January 2020.

Some of us are not lacking in knowledge and evidence anymore. People have woken up to what is going on. It cannot be hidden anymore! The game is up. The show is over!

People know, even if they are not saying right now. That day of reckoning will come, I assure you!

Dr Belmar-George, you have been granted the position of Chief Medical Officer to guide and direct the Ministry of Health, Wellness and Elderly Affairs for the government and people of Saint Lucia. The advice is to proceed with extreme care and caution and not fall victim of the grand scheme of international covert operations that have threatened and entered the shores of our “Fair Helen”, Saint Lucia in more than one way.

May God have mercy on us all.


Dr. Mary Gilberta St. Rose

Cc: Honorable Moses Jean Baptiste, Minister of Health, Wellness and Elderly Affairs Permanent Secretary, Ministry of Health, Wellness and Elderly Affairs.



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