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St Lucia considers UK Law Bill

By Caribbean News Global

TORONTO, Canada – ‘The application of United Kingdom Law in Saint Lucia, a matter of significant importance to legal practitioners and by extension Saint Lucia’, according to a letter sent to the president of the Bar Association of Saint Lucia, “is invited to review”.

The letter dated December 4, 2023, seen by Caribbean News Global (CNG) that appears on a letterhead of the government of Saint Lucia / attorney general’s chambers, said: “The Saint Lucia Bar Association is invited to review the Bill and provide comments to the attorney general’s chambers on or before 8 December 2023.”

Reports state that the government has failed to notify and/or brief the wider public of Saint Lucia, and most of the legal community have not been able and/or available to critique the Bill… and provide comments to the attorney general’s chambers on or before 8 December 2023.

  • Is the Bill a reactionary plausibleness to counter existing statutes not in the interest of the impractical?
  • Why is the government in such a hurry to pass the Application of United Kingdom Law Bill (the Bill) without proper vetting?
  • Is there any relevance to current matters that may be in the Court’s docket?
  • What are the implications of the Bill on permissible matters in Saint Lucia?

The Application of United Kingdom Law Bill (the Bill), reads: “The purpose of the Bill is to provide for the application of United Kingdom law in Saint Lucia. In the preliminary part of the bill, clause 1 of the bill makes provision for the short title and clause 2 of the bill (Interpretation) provides the definitions for the terms used in the bill such as, the definitions for the words “common law”, “United Kingdom law” and “United Kingdom statute.”

In the interest of transparency and accountability, virtues extolled by civil society in a democratic monarchy, major changes to the constitution of Saint Lucia are matters of public discourse. Attempts to amend the constitution of Saint Lucia should be done in the light of day, and not by a selective few, taking under advisement the discretionary powers of the speaker of the House of Assembly relevant to broadcast privileges.

The extent to which the 2/3 majority of the Parliament of Saint Lucia exploits and passes patchwork legislation has immediate and long-term consequences.

The government of Saint Lucia has consistently demonstrated its misplaced authority that undermines the infringed civilizations and conventions of the people. This pattern of behavioural and dubious lawmaking is likewise a deferential patchwork of the constitution, and not futuristic in its endeavours.

Meanwhile, the government of Saint Lucia is taking half-baked actions using its 2/3 majority and authority, it is wittingly and/or unwittingly undermining security, economic and political stability.

In a democracy, access to essential services are basic necessity for decision-making, and consequently, freedom of information and legislative amendment are paramount. The public should not be subject to undue restrictions that immediately affect their lives.

The Parliament of Saint Lucia has the responsibility to uphold the constitution and not make it a patchwork of a political vestibule. The Parliament of Saint Lucia likewise needs to immerse its better attributes in the application of legislature to uphold development and futurism.

Thus, what’s the motive and/or priority to proceed (the Bill) despite the many underlying discrepancies and malfunctions that initiate social and economic decline, holding Saint Lucia hostage?

The government’s pursuit of hidden and open political agendas illustrates a weak administration and accompanying legal minds to understand the Constitution of Saint Lucia.

Moreover, as it pertains to the criminal, civil, and administrative aspects of law, the political seems supremo – in a continual nosedive. The pretence and emphasis on accountability and transparency are compatible with the medleys – “Kill it” – ” Secret Deals” “Keep your fingers crossed,” to combat deception.

One of the most powerful tools leading to the Application of United Kingdom Law Bill, should be to carry out this critical work in the public discourse. However, the preferred commitment by the government to inspire its people does not currently articulate the civil rights to freedom, open discourse and knowledge transfer, but hitherto, to be told and directed as indecorous represented.

The government of Saint Lucia needs to be held accountable, adjudicating unacceptable legislation amid unsavoury behaviour and arguments in a ‘locus of control’ parliament.

 *** A follow-up article is under review by legal minds for publication.




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