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Real change in Sri Lanka

Dear Sir

The people of Sri Lanka have more or less succeeded in changing the personnel in governance but are their troubles over? Time will tell. There is a school of thought in Trinidad and Tobago that our economic and other social problems would be solved by a change in personnel. I do not share that thought. I believe that for real change to occur in Trinidad and Tobago our vision for tomorrow must be much different from what currently exists.

If there is a new government tomorrow and the trend continues with contracts for financiers, box drains and CEPEP and URP projects all funded by taxed mainly from the energy industry, then not much would have changed. Just a new set of people exploiting the limited wealth of the people of Trinidad and Tobago.

If there continues to be over two hundred unnecessary State Companies with new board members appointed by the new government as payment for their support, then not much would have changed. If the people of Sea Lots and Beetham continue to be allowed to rummage through the garbage from the dump without a viable alternative to dehumanizing poverty, then not much would have changed. If we continue to have politicians who arrogantly see themselves as the panacea to all our problems, then not much would have changed.

The new vision for Trinidad and Tobago must start with seeing our best minds in management. Those people will come from every sector of our society and in different colours, races, and religion. Our best economists must be engaged in planning our economic future. Our best project managers in coordination with our best contractors must put in place a plan to repair and maintain our infrastructure. Our social workers must put in place plans to improve the lives of our elderly and poor. Our best engineers must work in coordination with local and international partners to ensure that our water supply is safe, reliable, and sustainable to ensure a reliable supply to every home in Trinidad and Tobago.

Our educators must prepare our youths to face the demands of a changing workplace internationally. Our best sports personnel must create long-term plans to ensure that our athletes are once again among the best in the world. We must engage our people from every sector of our society to plan our agricultural sector with both food security and foreign exchange conservation as major consideration factors.

Tourism must be well planned and structured with international partners and in collaboration with our business community. There must be a clear plan for dealing with criminal activity and gun violence that allows for swift justice, gun amnesty and strict firearm legislation.

All of this and more must be part of a holistic approach to change. Not simply changing the leaders or political party. This is the change that is needed, and it must incorporate all the people of Trinidad and Tobago working towards a new vision for tomorrow.

God Bless Our Nation

Steve Alvarez



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