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Peru assumes the chair of the OAS Permanent Council

WASHINGTON, USA – The Permanent Representative of Peru to the Organization of American States (OAS), Harold Forsyth, on Wednesday, assumed the chair of the Permanent Council of the hemispheric institution.

Ambassador Forsyth stressed that his country is honored to chair the Permanent Council and that it assumes this responsibility with its “traditional solidarity and integrationist vocation and an unwavering commitment to the shared values and principles of promoting and defending democracy, the full exercise of and respect for human rights, the strengthening of peace and security, and the integral and sustainable development of our peoples.”

The new Chair of the Permanent Council concluded by emphasizing that “this is the first regular meeting to be held during the mandate of President Pedro Castillo and I am honoured to convey the unwavering commitment of the new Peruvian leader to the Inter-American Democratic Charter.”

For his part, the Permanent Representative of Antigua and Barbuda, Ronald Sanders, who was charged with handing over the leadership of the Council, said: “I am confident, given his vast array of experience and knowledge, that this Council will benefit enormously from the Ambassador´s knowledge and diplomatic skills.”

The Permanent Representative of Uruguay, Washington Abdala, serves as vice-chair of the Council.



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