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Pathogens of corrupt narratives in St Lucia

Dear Sir

In biology, a pathogen in the oldest and broadest sense is anything that can produce disease. A pathogen may also be referred to as an infectious agent, or simply a germ.

Now and then, life cycles surface in the era of COVID-19. In the current political environment, the same is prevalent, the likes of Anderson Reynolds in his Facebook farcical writings – “The Elephant in the SLP (Saint Lucia Labour Party) room” – a calculated intent to undermine the ability or capability of Phillip J. Pierre.

Let me unscramble:

  1. Reynolds narrative drooled that, “Philip J. Pierre’s political career parallels that of Dr Kenny Anthony. Therefore, in terms of substance and approach, when we switch from Dr Kenny Anthony to Phillip J. Pierre, won’t we simply be getting a weaker version of the person for whom the 2016 elections was a vote against?

The response to this mindset is a mere absurdity to the dogma of misdirected theories that fail to properly analyse the said individuals, taking into consideration their professional training, social upbringing, the methodology to decision making and the “ influence of personnel” in close cycles to policy formulation and execution.

  1. Reynolds grasps that “This 2020 elections is a race of high stakes, a race for the country to make major changes, not least of them being constitutional reform, so why replace a tired old horse with another tired old horse.”

The response is such that Pierre has never been prime minister. So, the reference to “a tired old horse” is perhaps empirical to Reynolds surroundings and his experience in Vieux Fort encountering “a tired old horse” daily.

Further, would it be accurate to rate Reynolds as a writer of influence on any level and/or subject matter beyond the compilation of essays? Has Reynolds ever spoken to Pierre on any subject matter, make recommends and/or even on the national issue of constitutional reform?

Reynolds unintelligent narrative is a judgement call based on invalid evidence and deficiency on experience, in keeping with prior SLP’s administration errors and omissions. His utterances are also, a sad reflection of “a tired horse”, a worn-out brain matter, influence by the cliché of dogma that awaits a stroke of luck in their attempt to regain control of the SLP for their selfish agenda.

  1. All be it I am Southerner like Reynolds, he talks-up “Alva Baptiste or Moses Jn Baptiste as a replacement for Kenny Anthony? Both have the requisite education and political experience, both have proven to be ideal models of political representation, both are youthful and vibrant, both are more likely to implement constitutional reform, and both are more likely to bring out the young voters.”
  1. He then flips his forked tongue to talk of “Dr Ernest Hilaire who is closely associated with Dr Kenny Anthony and whose reputation may be tainted by the Juffali Affair.” He rolls off his split mental eulogy to say,” Dr Ernest Hilaire comes off as arrogant, a right to rule attitude. He doesn’t strike me as a leader who would listen to the people and who would pursue constitutional reform.”

Reflective of Reynolds forked-tongue prerequisites in 3 and 4 (personal I hold no brief for their thought process and acumen) and his conclusion, is indicative of an infectious agent, “a tired horse” – deficient to comprehend beyond his narrow and obscure environment. It is relatively safe, however, that he continues to influence and converse with his favourites down south, having proffered such unhelpful and non-valuable prescriptions.

And with due respect to the capabilities, strengths and weakness, measurement of (political) leadership required in the new world order beyond the circumference of “a horse brain” – Reynolds conclusion that “Alva Baptiste or Moses Jn Baptiste may represent SLP’s best bet of winning the 2020 elections and putting Saint Lucia on the course of social, economic, and political progress,” is another feeble attempt to create division and strife in the SLP, that is poised to return Saint Lucia to good governance.

Monica Fevrier



  1. Dr? Are you for real? Should really just keep writing shit books and get better at it. His political views are … well… let me not waste my time …


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