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OAS general secretariat on the situation in Peru

WASHINGTON, USA – The OAS general-secretariat congratulates the Republic of Peru, the authorities of the respective powers and electoral bodies, as well as all legally recognized parties and political forces, for the launch of the electoral process that will take place on April 11, 2021.

In this regard, it also wishes to express its concern about the political situation in Peru. Taking into account the context of the pandemic – unfortunately still in force – and its effects on health and human lives, the general secretariat vows that it be resolved within the framework of total adherence to the Constitution of the country, bearing in mind that the health of republican institutions goes hand in hand with the prudence that must be exercised in the actions of each branch, in this case, both the executive and the legislative, and the consequent balance and respect of all branches.

The political and democratic stability of a member state of the Organization is a matter of concern for the general secretariat, but it acquires a superlative degree when a context – such as the one caused by the pandemic – affects the normal life of a nation, with its humanitarian and socioeconomic consequences.

However, and despite these pitfalls, the general secretariat recognizes that citizens, their political party organizations and all government instances are applying all their efforts so that the impact of COVID-19 does not affect the quality of democracy.

Peru has shown to have institutional strength to overcome previous political crises. On this occasion, it is imperative to resolve the current crisis, without affecting democratic stability and its strengthening processes, such as dialogue, the full enforcement of justice and the exercise of the right to vote, already called for the elections of April 2021.



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