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OAS General Secretariat and The Bahamas government on Kenya’s commitment to Haiti

By Caribbean News Global contributor

USA / The Bahamas – The General Secretariat of the Organization of American States (OAS) continues to closely monitor the situation in Haiti and the aspects derived from it. In this regard, the General Secretariat welcomes with appreciation the announcement by the government of Kenya to play a leading role in a multinational force that contributes to Haiti’s security needs.

“The General Secretariat reiterates its solidarity with the Haitian people and reiterates its willingness to continue working together with the Haitian counterparts, with the OAS member states, with CARICOM and with the OAS Working Group on Haiti to bring solutions in terms of democracy, human rights, security and comprehensive development of the Haitian nation,” said the statement of the OAS General Secretariat.

Meanwhile, The Bahamian government says it welcomes the government of Kenya’s decision to answer the Haitian government’s request for security support with a commitment of 1,000 police officers to lead a multinational force.

“For our part, The Bahamas has committed 150 persons to support the multi-national force once authorized by the United Nations Security Council. We now urge the passing of a UN Security Council Resolution in support of this force,” said The Bahamas statement from the ministry of foreign affairs. “The Bahamas looks forward to working with Kenya and other partners in Haiti to assist in efforts to bring about peace and stability. We appreciate that this is, as the Kenyan foreign minister Alfred Mutua stated, a decision to, “[stand] with persons of African descent across the world, including those in the Caribbean, and aligns with the African Union’s diaspora policy and our own commitment to Pan Africanism.”

The Bahamas said that it also looks forward to cooperating with hemispheric partners including the United States and Canada.

“The Bahamas will continue to support the CARICOM-led Eminent Persons Group, which includes former prime ministers Perry Christie, Dr Kenny Anthony of Saint Lucia, and Bruce Golding of Jamaica, and the Organization of American States’ Haiti Working Group chaired by Trinidad and Tobago. These regional and Diasporic approaches to addressing insecurity caused by gang violence are critical to creating a safe space to foster political consensus and to restore democratic order.”



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