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OAS/EOM in Suriname observes post-electoral phase of the process

WASHINGTON, USA – The Electoral Observation Mission of the Organization of American States (OAS/EOM) for May 25, 2020, general elections remains in place in Paramaribo, observing the post-electoral phase of the process.

The OAS/EOM acknowledges the peacefulness and calm demonstrated by the citizenry of Suriname during this phase and commends the tireless effort of the electoral workers involved in the different phases of the process.

Since the close of the polls, the OAS Mission has observed:

  • The tabulation of results at the polling stations and the transmission of these results to the Main Polling Stations and to the ministry of home affairs;
  • The consolidation of unofficial, preliminary results at the ministry of home affairs;
  • The consolidation of official, preliminary results at several Main Polling Stations;
  • The receipt of official results at the Central Polling Station.

The Mission notes that the unofficial preliminary count reached 99.4 percent of the Statements of Poll on Friday, May 29, and has remained at that point since then. Despite some interruptions and a slow pace, at times, in consolidating these results, the Mission has not observed changes in trends or serious irregularities that could significantly affect the results of the process.

No single political party achieved a two-thirds majority. The OAS Mission notes that electoral reform passed prior to the elections prevented political parties from forming pre-electoral coalitions, as is traditionally the case in Suriname’s political landscape. The Mission notes that four of the parties competing in the May 25 elections have already agreed to collaborate, and announced an agreement to this end yesterday, May 30, 2020.

May 31, 2020, OAS observers were present at the Main Polling Station for Paramaribo and noted that activities were suspended for the day. It is now one week after the May 25 poll. The OAS Mission, therefore, suggests it is time to finish the election as quickly and transparently as possible, taking into consideration the necessary sanitary measures for COVID-19 prevention.



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