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!nnovate Guyana to support Guyanese inventiveness

GUYANA / USA – Guyana Telephone and Telegraph Company (GTT), the largest provider of telecommunication services in Guyana, and the Guyana Economic Development Trust (GEDT), a US and Guyana-based initiative that supports innovation in science, technology, and agriculture, announce the launch of !nnovate Guyana.

!nnovate Guyana, at, is an online platform designed to demonstrate to those living within and residing outside of Guyana that Guyana is a place where thinkers and doers–innovators–live.  Guyanese succeed and thrive right in their home country while making an impact in the world.  !nnovate Guyana showcases Guyanese inventiveness through !nnovate Guyana TV, a new YouTube channel, by presenting some of Guyana’s many innovators–from scientific researchers and technologists to creatives, including artists and members of Guyana’s society with invaluable traditional knowledge and skills.

To learn more, watch the promotional video for !nnovate Guyana TV at Viewers can visit the !nnovate Guyana TV YouTube channel to subscribe for free. Episodes will be updated several times per month.

“!nnovate Guyana is a hub for innovation in Guyana. Through the new website, Guyanese can now register for programs such as the Guyana Innovation Prize, sponsored by GTT; the new economic development accelerator, sponsored by USAID, from the American people; find civil society startup and small business resources; and learn about virtual entrepreneurship programs around the world, all supporting the innovation ecosystem in Guyana. We’re really excited to bring this platform to Guyana,” said Oslene Carrington, chief executive officer of the Guyana Economic Development Trust.

“!nnovate Guyana is another arrow in the quiver that supports GTT’s brand promise of innovation – Innovate for all in our Country. Innovation is one of the hallmarks of the telecommunications industry but is equally important in other sectors, and we are proud to be a part of this initiative. I am truly excited to see the growth of !nnovate Guyana, and believe the projects that will come out of this will truly benefit those in and for our Guyana,” commented Damian Blackburn, chief executive officer of GTT.

!nnovate Guyana centralizes and provides access to startup support resources, including technical assistance and access to capital.



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