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IDB sets record $23.4 billion in 2021 financing & mobilization, surpassing prior estimate

WASHINGTON, USA – The Inter-American Development Bank (IDB) and its private-sector arm, IDB Invest, achieved a record of nearly $23.4 billion in new financing approvals, commitments and private-sector mobilizations, beating previously reported initial estimates for financial assistance to Latin America and the Caribbean in 2021.

The figure reflects additional and updated numbers, including commitments and mobilizations, partnerships, and grants to Haiti.

The new record includes IDB Invest’s mobilization of more private funding in 2021 – almost $3 billion – than during any year in its history. The total also includes record or near-record levels of IDB funding approvals in priority areas for the region’s recovery and sustainable, inclusive growth, including health and the COVID-19 response, climate change, supply chains and digitalization.

The following chart puts the 2021 numbers in context.

IDB, IDB Invest and IDB Lab Financing, 2018-2021 (US$ millions)
2018 2019 2020 2021
Sovereign- guaranteed approvals $ 11,967 $ 11,126 $ 12,502 $ 13,123
Partnerships $ 635 $ 623 $ 829 $ 597
Grants to Haiti $ 423 $ 119 $ 60 $ 245
Private sector:
     Commitments $ 3,543 $ 4,188 $ 6,157 $ 6,320
     Mobilizations $ 1,053 $ 1,441 $ 2,304 $ 2,972
IDB Lab $ 75 $ 92 $ 108 $ 103
TOTAL $ 17,696 $ 17,589 $ 21,960 $ 23,360


The IDB and IDB Invest reported in December that they expected combined approvals and commitments for 2021 to total nearly $20 billion, and $22.3 billion when including IDB Invest’s mobilization figures.

The updated $3 billion mobilization figure for IDB Invest replaces the previous estimate of $2.8 billion. Combined with revised commitment figures from IDB Invest and newly included financing by the IDB and IDB Lab, the 2021 total amounts to the largest sum of funding ever posted by the institutions in a given calendar year.

Highlights from the IDB’s financing include a record amount of funding for climate-related projects ($4.5 billion) and a record level of financing to strengthen regional supply chains ($2.3 billion).

For additional information, click here to see an updated version of the December 2021 press release.



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