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Hanna Turns the Page on Its Next Chapter

Mental Health Hub, Special Education Services and Career Pathways Will Provide Greater Support for Youth and Families

SONOMA, Calif.–(BUSINESS WIRE)–#CTE–Hanna Center, a Sonoma-based nonprofit dedicated to transforming the lives of youth, families and communities impacted by trauma and adversity, announced today it is expanding its facilities and services to support a greater number of young people and families in Sonoma County and beyond. Cameron Safarloo, who joined as CEO in 2021, characterized the plans as representing “Hanna’s next chapter,” building on a 75-year legacy of educating and caring for youth through residential treatment programs and an on-campus high school.

“Emotional trauma among youth is a public health crisis,” Safarloo said, while noting that COVID-19 has made a serious problem even worse. “Hanna has the resources and expertise to lead the region in meeting this challenge. Our board has unanimously approved a five-year plan that will multiply Hanna’s impact to serve more youth and families, not only here on the Hanna campus, but throughout the region.”

On the immediate horizon is the creation of a Mental Health Hub on Hanna’s campus, open to all youth and their families in Sonoma County. The Hub will offer integrated, full-service treatment and support, and will be open seven days a week beginning in Fall 2022. Hanna also will expand its support for underserved populations by launching a special education program for students with emotional needs, and offering transitional, on-campus housing for young people who recently aged out of foster care. New career technical education programs and vocational training, developed in concert with local employers and trade associations, will provide pathways to in-demand careers for teens and young adults. Facility upgrades and more on-site community events are also part of the plan.

“The essence of Hanna’s work is helping young people free themselves from the impact of emotional trauma and move forward to productive, rewarding lives,” Safarloo said. In California, more than 60 percent of residents report experiencing at least one Adverse Childhood Experience (ACE) before the age of 18, and approximately one in four reports having three or more. Research shows that ACEs are linked to dangerous behaviors, poor long-term health, and negative life outcomes – and often disproportionately impact low-income families and people of color. One way to combat the detrimental impacts of these experiences is through trauma-informed care (TIC), a specific method of clinical and therapeutic treatment to help individuals heal and overcome adverse experiences.

In recent years, Hanna has become a leader in TIC research and programming. The Hanna Institute, formed in 2016, attracts clinicians, researchers and thought leaders from around the country to its annual Hanna Institute Summit. To date, the Institute has equipped more than 3,000 practitioners with certifications and skills in TIC. Safarloo said Hanna will build on this success to make Hanna at-large a nationally recognized center for research, training and consulting in this evolving and dynamic field, and will integrate the Institute’s expertise into Hanna’s expanded services and community programs.

“Over the last 75-plus years, we have grown and transformed our work many times to better serve our learners and community,” Safarloo said. “Now is the time to leverage Hanna’s experience and assets to serve a broader population and multiply our impact here in Sonoma County and nationally. The investments we are making today will usher in a brighter future for thousands of young people and their families.”

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About Hanna Center

Hanna Center (formerly Hanna Boys Center) envisions a world in which every individual grows up resilient and healthy, freed from the lasting effects of adverse childhood experiences. Founded in 1945, Hanna is a residential treatment and educational center in Sonoma, California, with an on-campus accredited high school serving students impacted by trauma. Over the last 75 years, Hanna has educated and cared for more than 4,000 young people from Sonoma County, Northern California, and beyond.


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Director of Communications


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