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Guatemalan municipalities receive training on climate change and sustainable urban mobility

GUATEMALA CITY, Guatemala – The first workshop of the Active Mobility Training Program with the Municipality of Guatemala was held Friday, funded by the development assistance of the British Government (UK aid) and imparted by the Mexican consulting firm bikeNcity. The UK program aims to support small and medium-sized civil society organizations to achieve the UN Sustainable Development Goals.

The opening workshop was attended by Ambassador Nick Whittingham from the British Embassy; Fernando Rodríguez, planning manager, and Eddy Morataya, director of urban mobility, from the Municipality of Guatemala; Camila Herrero, climate policy expert and Kennia Aguirre, executive director, from bikeNcity.

The active mobility training program aims to strengthen the capabilities of municipal staff in order to implement micro-mobility projects, especially bicycle transportation, as part of municipal plans and initiatives. These workshops include the participation of other municipalities of Guatemala, such as Xela, Villanueva, Mixco, Chinautla and Santa Catarina Pinula, as well as cycling organizations, such as Shebikes.

[Today’s] hybrid workshop covered the topic of climate change, it was held in person and virtually. It showed the intrinsic relationship between the effects of climate change, active mobility and public space in cities as mitigation and adaptation measures. It also reviewed Guatemala’s national and international policy on the subject.

Three more workshops will be held in person during the week of December 6-10, which will address the topics of public policy, road design and micro-mobility systems. As part of these workshops, street tours will be conducted in Guatemala City and, through observation, an analysis will be made of the state of these streets and their possible transformation in terms of sustainable urban mobility and micro-mobility.

COP26 concluded Friday in Scotland, where policies to address climate change and protect the environment were discussed. The United Kingdom will continue to work with Guatemala on these issues.



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