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GTI – TAEF collaborative report

WASHINGTON, USA – The Global Taiwan Institute (GTI) released its newest collaborative report with the Taiwan-Asia Exchange Foundation (TAEF), entitled Assessing Trends and Demand Signals for Taiwan’s New Southbound Policy and Building a US-Taiwan Coordination Mechanism.

In 2021, TAEF worked with GTI to initiate a policy-focused exchange on Taiwan’s New Southbound Policy (NSP) and US strategic interests in the Indo-Pacific region. This effort resulted in a September 2021 policy brief titled: Connecting Taiwan’s New Southbound Policy with US Foreign Policy Initiatives in Asia: Recommendations for Taipei and Washington.

This latest 2022 policy brief follows up on the previous year’s brief to assess the implementation of NSP initiatives, dynamics within Southeast Asia, and coordination with the United States’ Indo-Pacific Strategy.

Implementation of the NSP has been broadly successful in deepening ties between Taiwan and NSP countries, and future complementary bilateral US-Taiwan development assistance in Southeast Asia presents a unique opportunity to promote shared interests and values, and to shape a new regional framework for all countries involved.

Read the report – TAEF-GTI_2022_Final



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