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Gangsterism evokes variable metaphors

Dear Sir

Perceptions of a Gangster: Some people see the “gangster” as a rebel with a cause, a social outcaste that fights back, fights the elite of society. Others see gangsters as a folklore-like symbol, like Robinhood of old.

Gangsterism has always evoked many different images of it, opinions describing an individual or group with a common purpose. Stalin, with Trotsky and Lenin were viewed by Russia’s Royals as nothing more than gangsterism outlaws and criminals, which they were by the way. Gangsters need to eat, and frolic in their often-short term self-perceived freedom.

We can see throughout the world many music celebrities pretending to be gangsters, eliciting an image of the bad boy. Hip Hop, Rock and Roll, Reggae and Rap have become attached mediums of the gangster lifestyle, a lifestyle of easy money, drugs and chicks for free. Hollywood has built this image from a reality found on the streets, where there is the gangster, his or her clan (group) and everyone else is the opposition.

The opposition, the suckers, brainwashed society that lives by a set of community rules. We the workers, family members and builders of society while the gangster is the predator clawing at society for what they believe is their rightful piece of financial gain.

Gangsters come in all sizes, and from all races and ethnic groups. Some are very intelligent while others are darn right stupid. Some gather together on motorbikes and act as distributors of death and destruction. They are reflections of the society they live in with one simple difference, their superegos, caring only for themselves and their group. I will not mention the names of the many historical examples of gangsterism to the present, mostly because they enjoy notoriety at best, being notorious at their worst.

Gangsterism has touched us all, often transforming a peaceful, democratic society into a war zone and possible police state. Look to Haiti, Saint Lucia and Jamacia, where societies are not under police control due to states of emergency proclaimed.

Historically, entire cities in the past have suffered similar situations, such as Chicago during Al Capones era. Now, entire nations’ populations shiver in fear within their neighbourhoods while criminals rule the day and night.

Oh yeah, a gangster is above all else a criminal, nothing more. Whether you carry out crimes to achieve a political or social goal, or the purpose of a gangster is simply to rob, steal, murder, distribute narcotics, elicit protection money, arson, fraud or manipulate entire populations for a third party, a criminal is nothing more than a criminal.

Why do they become gangsters? Why does a child steal candy, and a bully beat up a smaller child?

Gangsters are lazy, and looking for easy money. We work for a living, attempting to steal some of our hard earnt funds. Gangsters are territorial, just like wolves and bears. A gangster will often steal from another bringing about gang conflicts that also hurt the community it happens within.

Collateral damage is what they think when a child dies because of a stray bullet. Expected collateral damage is seen by the deaths of those who willingly take narcotics supplied by these gangsters. As long as society has an appetite for illicit items and services, the gangster will be with us, and innocents will always die because of them. I say, “God Damn the Pusher man and all gangsters”.

Gangsters understand only one thing and that is power. Perhaps the power of faith drives them away from their criminal lives due to the influence of a child or family and their faith. The power of the gun impressed another famous gangster, Mao Tse Tung and also every dictator that has lived on this planet – gathering power (and money) through the barrel of a gun, applying fear upon their opponent, with exacting revenge at all times.

What should the police and military do in Haiti and Jamaica to bring about peaceful order? Maybe, a few martyrs will be made, but society will achieve peacefulness, order and righteous understanding.

A righteous peace will assure the population that rebuilding the substructure and society itself will continue unabraded by public fraud, gangsterism and corruption. After all, gangsters are also cowards, and knowing the authorities will hunt them down may bring the fear of justice into their criminal minds.

Steven Kaszab

Bradford, Ontario



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