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Free markets promote a lie

Dear Sir

The pandemic has had its influences upon all aspects of the economy and so-called free market throughout the Globe, and our multinational corporations have studied the situation and brought about a strategy that will in time make them lots of money.

Our markets are inbred and highly managed. When you hear of a crisis happening, it is an element within the said market that is trying to go rogue, and bring about profit for itself and not the whole controlled market. Examples would be the OPEC embargo, Venezuelan Oil adventure under Hugo Chavez, which show how the economic might of this so-called free market can cripple and manipulate smaller economic groups or nations.

I predict an escalation in prices of all things needed in North America and the EU. Food, hydro and energy used to heat homes, services, gas for our means of transportation will all increase to levels not seen for some time.

Why may you ask are these prices increasing?

Housing: Our leaders have little understanding of what “low-cost affordable housing” truly is, let alone be willing to do something about it. The Real Estate and development lobby have these “leaders” in their pockets. Simply put, it is not in our leaders’ interest to help their fellow citizens looking for real affordable housing. There is nothing for them, but work that is deemed unneeded. A tag-free market sets the standards at housing prices, right?

Supplier chain: There are claims that products cannot make it to grocery stores, our hardware, or retail stores; therefore, this scarcity brings the cost and prices higher each month. Most businesses lost money due to the pandemic, except for the essentials like grocers, hardware and supply stores, as well as utilities. Lost profit must be found, therefore, corporations, businesses, suppliers and even restaurants, mom and pop outfits have driven up their prices to make up for losses during 2019 -2020.

There is a problem with the supply chain. There are not enough ships to transport metal crates full of imported items to their markets. There are regulations placed upon the transportation firms in North American and EU governments – 2019-2020 were dismal years for these firms too. Time to profit from the demands of the masses. That is us, folks. You are paying dearly for all things whether necessary or not. A 2×4 wood plank has double in cost. Speaking with wood suppliers, I was told these prices will not go down for the foreseeable future.

Gas: There is a glut within the oil and gas sector, yet the prices for this essential product continue to rise. In Canada, it is believed that prices will hit 1.50 per litre by the end of the year. The “Free Market” is trying to synchronize prices. And, as prices continue to rise, our governments push for electric cars to become the new product on our roads. Surprised? You should not be. The marketplace is going to hit our pocketbooks for every dollar it can get. Once electric cars are the preferred means of transportation, the cost of electricity and batteries, along with repairs, will increase, not decrease as you’d expect.

Ultimately, the consumer is an easily manipulated sucker. The corporations you trust will milk us for all the profits they can get. Truly the consumer, your fellow citizens need to stand up to these powerful corporate lobby’s and place pressure upon our elected officials to do the right thing for us, not themselves: meantime, 38 percent of public officials will seek employment with one of these large corporations.

Lawyers will be lawyers, and bottom feeders will get the prime jobs offered to them for carrying the corporate message. Free markets reign.

Steven Kaszab

Bradford, Ontario



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