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Five financial gifts to give the one you love

Around Valentine’s Day, we’re quick to purchase small tokens of appreciation like jewellery, red roses, and chocolates because it’s tradition. However, why not give a gift that will last?

From platonic, to love for your family, to falling head over heels in love with the person you want to spend the rest of your life with, there are several ways to show how much you love someone including gifts that will fund their financial wellness.

Here are alternative gifts to give the one you love for Valentine’s Day:

US$ Global Bonds 

US$ global bonds are a great long-term investment gift to give a loved one. Like a mature love, it’s best to give it time to blossom. Most investors are quick to cash out before a bond’s maturity date. Bonds are great for anyone who wants to generate an income stream after retirement.

Mutual Funds

If you really want to express your devotion this Valentine’s Day, investing in a mutual fund might be the best way. Mutual funds are when investors pool together to purchase assets that are managed professionally as a single portfolio. This is a particularly good gift for a young child- as they grow so will the mutual fund. It is also a good way to save for retirement. Nothing says let’s stay together forever than investing jointly to create a retirement fund. Pool your resources together and enjoy a relaxing retirement with your loved one in your golden years.

A Financial Advisor

Many Millennials feel they can’t get ahead because of the current economy. Leaving behind a legacy for the next generation is an important step in building generational wealth. Arranging for a private planning session for the young person in your life with an objective financial professional, you can help them create a road map for financial success without judgement.

Help Pay off a Loan

Debt is never romantic. Instead of a massage, help alleviate stress by helping your ‘other half’ pay off her dream car or cover her credit card bill. This shows you support his or her financial wellness.

A Charitable Donation 

At Sterling Asset Management, we believe in giving back. You can give a charitable donation on behalf of your loved one. Instead of a heart-shaped chocolate with a bow, create a homemade gift certificate decorated with hearts with the name of their chosen charity and the amount.  Donating to a charity makes you feel good and spreads love to others.

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