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Anger during the pandemic?

Dear Sir

First we had to change the daily routine our lives have been lived. Safety and health measures are applied to everything, from where we go, socialize and carry out our jobs. Visit Grandma and Grandpa? Nope, they are isolated in their seniors’ homes, imprisoned by an unseen predator.

Now the cost of living has gone completely insane. While our pay/ salaries have remained the same, and many of us were not able to perform our usual jobs, the cost of living has raped each and every one of us of our needed income. Inflation has risen to 5-6 percent and is climbing, making our financial lives further stressed like never before.

The truckers’ convoy unleashed many thousands of us to protest mask mandates, authorities seemingly non-responsive to our concerns and allow us for a time to just shout out “we have had enough, and Freedom a few times too”. Our anger centered upon our lives situations had to erupt somehow, and so it did. The coming of spring has also brought the horrors of war in Europe, with Russian tanks invading their neighbour Ukraine.

There is a theoretical threat of nuclear war that we don’t want to talk about, but cannot pretend is not before us. Damn the stress. Many of us have lost our jobs, our lives routines, family members and loved ones too. The authorities’ wishy-washy policies these past two years have created further mistrust of our governments, our “leaders” and our hopes for a better future. Depression in North American society has increased by 33 percent (Stat’s Canada), and suicide, alcoholism and addictions are on the rise everywhere.

Well, the restaurants and casinos are open. Hope for some form of normalcy.

What does fear do to us? Well, first-off, fear is responsible for our continued survival. Runaway when something dangerous happens?

Fear is an essential service for one and all. The problem society is experiencing is that fear has become a complicating central focus for many of us. When our community opens up its doors, will we be afraid, unwilling to unmask and join in the celebration? There are 3-5 percent of North American Society unable to leave their homes for fear of our invisible threat, COVID-19. Our routines have been transformed into others-centred upon our safety.

Fear often brings about anger. Seems anger can be a solution to fear’s many questions. They are different yet related to one another. Conquering fear can bring about a de-escalation of anger.

Society has a mission. Driveaway the many fears we are experiencing, and place before us the gift of hope for a better future, a future that will unite us in an effort to rebuild our communities and family too.

The pandemic has assaulted each and every one of us. We have become damaged goods in many ways, but we can achieve a satisfying level of betterment. We need to drive our fears away, and embrace a hopeful future, even if the many threats to our safety are presently prevailing.

Being super mad may be okay. The question is what truly angers you?

Steven Kaszab

Bradford, Ontario



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