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World Medical Association supports Taiwan participation in WHO

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ENGLAND / TAIWAN – At the World Medical Association (WMA) World Congress held in London, England on October 15, (Taiwan time) the Ministry of Foreign Affairs (MOFA) said, the National Federation of Medical Associations of the Republic of China (referred to as the “Taiwan Medical Association”) put forward the “Support Taiwan to Observers” and expresses its sincere thanks to the amendments to the resolutions of the World Health Organization (WHO) and related mechanisms, supporting Taiwan’s meaningful participation in the activities, mechanisms and meetings of WHO.

“This time our proposal was first approved by the relevant professional committees and councils of WMA, and finally sent to the conference for voting” said, MOFA. “During the process, the Chinese Medical Association made proposals and speeches in an attempt to interfere with our proposal with political fallacies. Fortunately, most WMA members continued to firmly support Taiwan’s participation in the WHO. This positive result represents the professionalism and conscience of doctors around the world. It also highlights Taiwan’s participation in WHO’s important issues related to global public health. It also demonstrates that Taiwan’s high-quality medical profession and successful democratic epidemic prevention model are universally recognized by the international community. People are deeply inspired.”

In a tweet, MOFA said: “Doctor knows best! We thank the World Medical Association for its general assembly resolution supporting #Taiwan’s participation in all @WHO health programs & inclusion in the IHR mechanism. Yes! #TaiwanCanHelp realize #HealthForAll & #SDG3.”

MOFA thanked the joint efforts of the two medical leaders, the Taiwan Medical Association for actively promoting international medical exchanges, cooperation and the expansion of Taiwan’s friendship and admiration around the world.

WMA is an organized professional physicians from 115 countries around the world. It is the world’s largest professional physician organization and maintains a close cooperative relationship with the Taiwan Medical Association. Over the years, WMA has consistently supported Taiwan’s participation in the WHO.

MOFA once again called on the WHO to maintain a professional and neutral stance, based on the purpose of safeguarding the health and well-being of all mankind, reject improper political interference, listen to the voices of all parties including the WMA’s support for Taiwan’s participation in the WHO, and invite Taiwan to participate in the WHO as an observer and fully participate in the WHO. All meetings, events and mechanisms.

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