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US Congressman applauds reversal of certain Trump-Era Cuba policies

WASHINGTON, USA – Representative Gregory W. Meeks, chair of the House Foreign Affairs Committee, on Tuesday, issued the following statement regarding the US administration’s decision to revise its Cuba policy, including Trump-era policies that restricted family remittances and travel to Cuba:

“I applaud the Biden administration on its announcement to reverse a series of Trump-era policies towards Cuba that only succeeded in harming the Cuban people.

“Thanks to president Biden, Cuban Americans will once again be able to better support their families by no longer being restricted by the $1,000-per-quarter limit on family remittances. The decision to re-introduce non-family donative remittances will also help support independent Cuban entrepreneurs and create greater economic opportunity for Cubans across the island.

“I am also glad to see the easing of travel restrictions, including both the return of group people-to-people travel and the expansion of authorized travel to Cuba that will once again include scheduled and charter flights no longer restricted to Havana. Government-to-government engagement cannot succeed without the use of some of our best diplomats – the American people. Increased exchange between the people of Cuba and the United States will create more opportunities for the Cuban private sector and will create a deeper mutual understanding for Cubans and Americans alike.

“This announcement marks a significant step towards returning to the important bilateral relationship the United States and Cuba shared during the Obama administration. As a fierce advocate for US engagement with Cuba, I strongly urge president Biden to continue having dialogue with the Cuban government and shifting away from the failed ‘maximum pressure’ policies that were put in place by his predecessor, including the delisting of Cuba as a State Sponsor of Terrorism and removing all travel restrictions for US citizens to Cuba.”



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