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UNC fully behind Kamla to save Trinidad and Tobago

Dear Sir

Kamla Persad Bissessar remains the only leader with the vision, track record, competence, and compassion to save our nation from the chaos plaguing our national development. It is on this premise that as chief whip, I can confirm that the membership, the national executive, and the parliamentary arm of the United National Council (UNC) remain in full support of our leader.

Any report or story to the contrary is not only futile but is just malicious, cowardly political hubris echoed by those who have lost political relevance and value self-interest above national interest.

The leader of the opposition continues to be loved not only by her party’s membership but by citizens who value her as the only person that could save this nation from the socio-economic turmoil it faces. The numbers have proven the great love for the UNC leader as sitting after sitting throughout this parliamentary session hundreds have gathered in front of the parliament to support the fight of the leader of the opposition.

Kamla Persad Bissessar continues to fight for the people of this nation in and out of the parliament as no political leader has ever fought. When citizens need answers on crime, it is the UNC leader who challenges the government, when citizens are flooded it is the UNC leader who leads her team to deliver and when the constitution is contravened it is the UNC leader who stands up for its preservation.

The country must take note, it is Kamla and the UNC who are fighting in RIC consultations against utility bill increases, it is Kamla and the UNC fighting the high food and fuel prices. It is Kamla and the UNC fighting against the economic downturn.

The UNC leader has made the party into the most diverse and strongest political institution offering hope for any and every citizen. Never before has the UNC been politically active in all constituencies throughout Trinidad as it is now. In the parliament, the leader of the opposition has made the government account at each turn while she has ensured the opposition has fought for every issue facing our country within the parliament.

The leader of the opposition has full support to save Trinidad and Tobago not only from her party but the country.

David Lee

Member of Parliament

Pointe a Pierre



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