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There are many lessons to be learned from Haiti

Dear Sir

There are many lessons to be learned from the Haitian crisis. This did not happen overnight. This was in the making for decades. This was not – as a result of discrimination, victimization, political harassment, poverty, inequality and injustice done to one person. Yes, it started with one person and then it multiplied over time until everyone realized that they too had been victims.

Why is it that “black people” were taken out of Africa, as slaves, and fought for their freedom from their colonial masters only to be back as slaves by their very own black people through democracy?

They were supposed to be governed by their very own blacks who should have understood that governance is a fiduciary responsibility… i.e. managing the resources of a country in the best interest of all the people first and not only in the best interest of some friends.

Your country of birth is your home where you must never feel discriminated against. You are entitled to ownership of the resources once you work hard and play by the rules. A place where lies should not determine your status in your own country.

There are many lessons to be learned from Haiti. When the people decide, in unison, that government is irrelevant and not working in their best interest; they take a deep dive and take back their land.

Haiti – am sorry.

Wilson Jn Baptiste



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