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The cost of living: Can we survive it?

Dear Sir

We are living in a time of universal price increases, inflation uncontrolled. A time when the corporations that once advertised how empathetic and caring they are towards us, are now driving us literally to the poor house.

Our governments need revenue, trying to pay for the mass expenditures of these past two years. Taxes are upon us and we cannot do anything about it. Going to work is more expensive too. Gas and fuel prices have escalated far beyond many of our expectations, and up, up and away they go again. Canned food is looking good these days because fresh food is just too expensive. My neighbour’s summer garden will certainly look good for the nightly pickings.

Try and repair any appliance and vehicle these days. There are no parts available for most imported vehicles, and only the aged domestic clunkers can be repaired by your neighbour, otherwise to the waiting line you go.

Summer is upon us, and the chance of travel is looking very appealing, except the cost of travel is now exceedingly high and travel itself difficult. The airlines seem to have no employee’s available for security processes, to answer our questions. Maybe we can offer to fly the planes too. Local travel seems best, but then all hotels, restaurants and events/venues will fill up. Availability will soon become a problem.

Oh yeah, lest we forget, the pandemic is still with us, mutating globally, still with the sting of illness and death. Safety and health measures are being discussed again.

What to do? Holy crap, what do we do?

The middle class is becoming something less, the workers of our society work harder for less money. Corporations run to the bank with their profits, and the government awards themselves a monetary raise for working so hard. Now I know why people fall into stress-filled addictions, poverty and distress.

Going to try and raise my extended family’s spirits by having a BBQ this weekend. Day-old hamburger buns, simulated hamburgers, chicken hot dogs, some restaurants condiments and a weak but sweet lemonade. Yummy!

Steven Kaszab

Bradford, Ontario



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