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Taiwantrade launches the TTverse metaverse website

TAIPEI, Taiwan – Taiwantrade.com recently announced the launch of a metaverse website with online avatars aimed at promoting Taiwan’s latest digital technology solutions.

The Taiwantrade.com metaverse website TTverse enables connections and cyber meetings with digital solutions providers in various fields including VR/AR/MR, AI, IoT, 5G, and optical equipment.

Upon entering the TTverse website, guests are greeted by Tiffany the AI avatar who introduces the website’s online trade meetings and product-sourcing features.

There are pavilions and showcases in the TTverse that are presented in vivid VR with panoramic photography technology and can be experienced through a conventional web browser.

For example, in the VR pavilion for ICT products, you can select and view an exhibit from all sides and angles. The highly detailed exhibits are digitally captured using 360-degree panoramic photography.

In the ICT VR pavilion, buyers can connect with suppliers and manufacturers of consumer electronics, telecom products, electrical and electronics, security equipment, and smart IoT solutions.

See the full list of leading metaverse-related suppliers from Taiwan including XRSpace and HTC. See also top suppliers of ICT products.

Taiwantrade.com is the largest B2B sourcing website in Taiwan featuring various services that facilitate online sourcing directly from Taiwan suppliers.

Become a Taiwantrade.com buyer member to access a complete database of high-quality, verified suppliers. As a buyer member, you can make direct product inquiries, book for private online business meetings, and place sample orders to suppliers using widely accepted payment methods.

Over 90 percent of Taiwan exporters are registered Taiwantrade.com supplier members. Every company profile on Taiwantrade.com undergoes a verification process based on the official government business database to ensure the reliability of their legal existence.



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