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Taiwan – Japan envisions deeper relations

  • Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Co.’s fabrication plant set to launch February 24 in Kumamoto prefecture

TAIWAN / JAPAN, (Taiwan Today) – Taiwan’s Vice President Lai Ching-te said he looks forward to deepening Taiwan-Japan collaboration across the board while working together to preserve regional peace and stability, while receiving Japanese Diet members Tsuneo Kitamura and Iwao Horii on February 19 in Taipei City.

The incoming president took the opportunity to again express appreciation for Japan’s congratulatory messages on his electoral victory. He also conveyed his condolences on the death of former Japanese prime minister Shinzo Abe’s mother Yoko Abe.

Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Co.’s fabrication plant is set to launch on February 24 in Kumamoto prefecture. Vice president Lai Ching-te thanked the Japanese government and legislature for facilitating its speedy completion. TSMC’s announcement of plans to build a second fab in Kumamoto marked an important milestone in the two countries’ industrial cooperation.

Kitamura and Horii have long shared Taiwan’s interest in cross-strait stability, vice president Lai Ching-te said, adding that he hopes both lawmakers continue leveraging their extensive defense, security and foreign relations experience to help maintain regional peace.

Kitamura expressed his gratitude to president Tsai Ing-wen and vice president Lai Ching-te for their sympathy following the devastating Noto Peninsula earthquake, as well as for the generous donations from Taiwan’s people. Such actions signify the depth of bilateral friendship.

In response, Kitamura concluded by hoping vice president Lai Ching-te and his (upcoming) administration will keep promoting exchanges between the two sides’ legislative bodies while advancing collaboration through the Taiwan-Japan Relations Association and Japan-Taiwan Exchange Association.



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