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St Lucia to develop plastic waste policy

ENGLAND/ST LUCIA – International environmental consultancy Eunomia Research & Consulting has been appointed by IUCN’s (International Union for Conservation of Nature) Regional Office for Mexico, Central America and the Caribbean (ORMACC) to undertake a project providing policy recommendations to reduce plastic waste in the island nation of Saint Lucia.

The project will see Eunomia research existing national, regional and international policy and legislation on plastic waste, review data on plastics consumption and end of life management in Saint Lucia, and identify where gaps exist in current legislation and what kinds of policy measures could be suitable.

This will be supported by consultation with stakeholders on existing policy and the proposed shortlist of policy recommendations. The proposed measures will aim to prevent plastic waste, increase reuse and recycling of plastic items and to stimulate local and regional economic opportunities through resource recovery.

The project represents the second Caribbean-based project for Eunomia, marking an expansion into policy development in the region. Last year, Eunomia was appointed by the KfW Development Bank to deliver an initiative for the Sustainable Ocean Fund (SOF) to identify investment opportunities to prevent marine plastic pollution across the wider Caribbean region.

The work will build on Eunomia’s extensive experience in researching, analysing and developing models for preventing marine plastic pollution. Previous clients include the European Commission, for which Eunomia’s work on marine litter informed its Single-Use Plastic Directive, WWF, Commons Seas and Friends of the Earth, in areas such as Greece, Kenya, Mozambique and Indonesia.

Eunomia previously worked with IUCN and the Marine Conservation Society (MSC) in 2013, producing three reports on the management of marine debris to support Resolution 10.4 on Marine Debris adopted at the 10th meeting of the Conference of the Parties to the Convention on Migratory Species.

Project Manager Sydnee Grushack, says: “We are excited to bring Eunomia’s expertise in plastics management and policy development to the Caribbean, an area with first-hand exposure to the marine plastics crisis. We look forward to working with IUCN and the government in Saint Lucia to provide policy recommendations that can help tackle plastics pollution and contribute to future sustainable growth for the island.“



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