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Peru Bolsters Its Foreign Trade Position With Record Exports In 2022

LIMA, Peru–(BUSINESS WIRE)–Peruvian exports have grown steadily over the last two decades thanks to the joint and coordinated work of the public and private sectors. In 2022, Peru achieved a record US $63.193 billion in exports, up 3.7% from 2021.

The Minister of Foreign Trade and Tourism, Fernando Helguero, explained that last year 9,127 Peruvian businesses (+6%) exported 4,953 products (+3%) to 168 markets.

Records in the non-energy and non-mining industries

Reports show that the non-energy and non-mining sectors (not related to mining or oil) accounted for 34% of total exports or US $21.190 billion, a 12.3% increase over 2021.

These results have been achieved thanks to the work of over 8,364 Peruvian businesses (71% MSMEs), which exported 4,795 products to 165 markets.

The United States was the main destination market (US $6.007 billion / +19.6%), followed by China (US $2.262 billion / +1.3%), the Netherlands (US $1.551 billion / +3.6%), Chile (US $1.271 billion / +10.2%), and Ecuador (US $1.227 million / +44%).

Peru’s regions were the main drivers of this growth, accounting for 58% of total non-mining and non-energy exports, worth over US $12.222 billion and up 11.7 % from 2021.

As part of its international promotion strategy, Peru seeks to position itself as a reliable, quality strategic partner across all of its industries. The agricultural (US $9.807 billion), fishing (US $4.023 billion), chemical (US $2.345 billion), steel and metal (US $1.638 billion), and mechanical engineering (US $663 million) industries also posted record exports.

There were 1,018 products originating from Peru’s biodiversity which boasted unprecedented sales, positioning the country as the leading global supplier of products such as blueberries, fresh grapes, and quinoa, to name just a few.


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