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Over 2,000 workers needed to meet labour demands, says minister Hamilton

GEORGETOWN, Guyana, (DPI) – Some 2,200 workers are needed to meet the current demands of Guyana’s labour force, even as the country’s economy continues to witness drastic transformation.

This was disclosed by minister of labour, Joseph Hamilton on Monday while attending the labour day celebrations at the Clerical and Commercial Workers Union (CCWU).

“When you talk about unemployment, it’s not that people cannot get employment. We have to understand what is happening here. We are not a country where people are shut out from employment. There is more employment than people that need to be employed in Guyana,” minister Hamilton told the Department of Public Information (DPI). He noted that many people are leaving their jobs to join the oil and gas sector, and as such, those positions are left unoccupied.

There is also a shortage of workers in the construction sector which results in many contractors being unable to finish their projects on time.

“You go and take a walk in all the areas where we are doing construction…housing…doing infrastructure, and you will see that the contractors…saying that they cannot find skilled personnel. The shore base out there that they’re developing in the river, needs 700 employees. So far, they have only found 200. So, they are 500-short. In this country, in oil and gas, we are short of 2,000 welders and fabricators,” minister Hamilton disclosed.

To this end, he encouraged young people to take up these vacant jobs in the meantime, as they search for the ones they desire.

“When you leave school, find a job whilst you’re looking for the job that you want based on your profession,” he emphasised.

Last year, vice president, Dr Bharrat Jagdeo launched the part-time jobs initiative, as part of the government’s efforts to address labour shortages and supplement household income for families.



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