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‘Nothing is going to change’ is absurd

Some of the biggest losers are unapologetic and crass in their rebuttal to defeat. In the case of Saint Lucia and the infamous Allen Chastanet, the presumptive LOO, (leader of the opposition) if one can describe the current as such in the new parliament of Saint Lucia, yet to be in session – it is absurd to state “nothing is going to change” – or has changed.

In a recent article, Caribbean News Global (CNG) noted: “The once upon a time invincible United Workers Party (UWP) was humiliated to clench two parliamentary seats – in most commonwealth jurisdictions is not classified as a party, much less, to be considered the opposition in the House of Assembly – steering at what is essentially a 15 – 2 majority in the parliament of Saint Lucia.”

Affirmatively, prime minister Philip Pierre, and his crafty composition of the Cabinet of ministers has nullified independents and the blue wave, pre and post general elections hullabaloo.

The innovative composition has received a broad spectrum of acceptance, awaiting delivery and the abundance of expectations, from a people much deprived by a UWP government.

Nevertheless, the unapologetic and presumptive LOO has utilized his worthless crystal ball to conflate: “I certainly am not one who believes, despite the fact they have 15 seats in the house, that they have been given the level of the mandate that they believe that they have.”

Not too long ago, the then prime minister, backed that the Saint Lucia Labour Party (SLP) had lost its right to speak with six seats in parliament. Therefore, with two seats – that’s a remarkable converse, a crass mind cannot comprehend.

Moreover, the presumptive LOO seems comfortable confirming his discerning mathematical ability and his kingship as the former minister for finance.

In the political fray and the caustic society that beholds Saint Lucia, amid COVID-19, such ineffable and thoughtless comments by the presumptive LOO, that “nothing is going to change” – following his UWP cruising defeat at the July 26, general elections is doleful of a mindset to understand one’s reality.

However, nothing is new here, given numerous humorous utterances over the past five years.

While Chastanet has presumably retained his seat as the member of parliament for Micoud South and Bradley Felix for Choiseul-/Saltibus; the presumptive LOO has somehow crystallized that “the same projects that were going-on under his former government will continue.”

Confession is good for the soul, given that amid the ‘pause’ –prime minister Pierre is putting his house in order, the presumptive LOO, wittingly or unwittingly reveals that the friends, family and foreigners (FFF) are cared for.

As Sir John Compton learnt-dearly in the administration and governance of Saint Lucia, to hesitantly make changes in the public service, statutory bodies, the diplomatic corps, and the general malfunction of the government – it is reckless to assume that with an administration that was so hopelessly inept and burdened with claims of corruption – that “nothing will change”.

The presumptive LOO is misguided, similar to being dumbfounded, how his UWP lost the general election is on course to continue his nonsensical aspirations.

In essence, the presumptive LOO is counting on political suicide, pretentious that five years, implies “Five for Five”, expecting a quick exit for the LOO – in the context of domestic vernacular.




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