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Multiple crises facing St Lucia continue in a vacuous manner

By Caribbean News Global contributor

CASTRIES, St Lucia – Prime minister and national security minister of Saint Lucia Philip J. Pierre in an ‘important message’ to the nation Sunday evening fell short of expectations and was hardly diverse to multiple crises facing Saint Lucia that continue in a vacuous manner.

The prime minister’s ‘important message’ focuses on an update on what citizens may have missed per the government legislative agenda and common resource deployment to a failed Royal St Lucia Police Force (RSLPF).

Last Friday, the article St Lucia looks forward to PM Pierre’s address Sunday, outlined multiple crises facing Saint Lucia including, “ crime (four in one week, amounting to 66 homicides as of publication), the economy (as summarised by the IMF), healthcare (St Jude reconstruction resumes in S.T.E.P methodology) the weather phenomenon November 6; the legislative agenda (amendment to the constitution to facilitate the deputy speaker matter), a new president to the Senatethe banana industrypublic borrowing and Saint Lucia’s citizenship by investment (CIP).”

However, except for crime that was touched superficially, it seems like the same – as multiple crises facing St Lucia continue in a vacuous manner, heading to a holiday season.

Prime Minister Pierre in his ‘important message to the nation recalled that, “our crime situation is not a sudden phenomenon. We did not just get there,” he advised. “Saint Lucia has seen an increase in the number of homicides over the last six years.”

“It has hurt us, it has caused pain to families and threatened the fabric of our society. Crime has continued to plague us for too long. We must fight back and take our communities,” Pierre said; while urging all citizens to fight the scourge of crime individually and as a country. “To achieve this we need you the citizens to protect a zero tolerance towards criminality of all forms,” Pierre said.

Caribbean News Global (CNG) in a request for comment from a former Gazette police officer, said:

“If the prime minister by his discernment has done so much for the police, yet crime is at an all-time high, then his efforts are not working,” to which – “ He is now calling on the citizens to fight crime – with an untrained mind and no resources – while attempting social interventions, then we are in real trouble”.

An analyst and contributor to Caribbean News Global (CNG) noted that the prime minister ‘important message’ Sunday evening:

“Lacked serious policy content and substance on the myriad of serious crises facing this nation. And to address crime in such a vacuous manner is a reason for concern.”

CNG Insight

It has been clear for some time now that Saint Lucia is travelling a silver lining. Try as the government of Saint Lucia might spending months playing footsie is increasingly problematic.

In essence, the image of Saint Lucia is suffering and the country is at risk of being retaliated upon both internally and externally.

Place in the shadow of daily shootings, political divisions and economic upheavals –  tranquillity, union, and happiness are not plenty heading into the holiday season.

Perhaps there will be another opportunity early next month for the prime minister to offer a stronger vantage point on the challenges Saint Lucia faces, and to persevere what little is left of ‘Bread, Justice and Freedom.’

At publication, Sunday evening, automatic gunfire rattles in Vieux – Fort.

Did the minister for national security compromise the effort/tactic of the police by informing the public of the inconvenience that police roadblocks will cause?

“In the coming weeks as the police will intensify searches and roadblocks; there will be some inconvenience. I urge the public to be understanding and cooperate with the police during these trying times.

“The police are expected to make maximum use of the powers conferred upon them by the law to bring an end to that upsurge of homicides in our country.” ~ Philip Pierre.



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