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Letter from the ESG committee chairperson

As a world-leading dedicated IC foundry service provider, TSMC is committed to delivering an innovative technology platform to help customers achieve various chip innovations and to provide products that are more advanced, powerful, energy-efficient, and safe. Our goal at TSMC is to drive positive change and progress in society through technology.

As TSMC strives to achieve sustainable management, we have become deeply aware that corporate growth cannot be independent of social development. TSMC has built a mutually dependent and mutually influential relationship with employees, shareholders/ investors, customers, suppliers/ contractors, government/associations, and community residents. In the face of complex issues and our many stakeholders, TSMC must spotlight these issues, communicate our objectives, and determine priority sustainability issues to exert our influence. TSMC has taken an in-depth evaluation and looked into the risks and opportunities from various ESG issues and also listened to our stakeholders’ expectations and suggestions when identifying TSMC’s material issues, planning sustainable strategies, and outlining long-term targets. All the while, TSMC continues to regularly disclose ESG information through diverse channels.

TSMC has conducted materiality analysis, collecting feedback from stakeholders to understand their concerns and changing attitudes toward TSMC’s ESG issues. In the 2021 materiality analysis, TSMC expanded the scope of engagement surveys to include stakeholders concerned with TSMC and increased the response rate by 27 percent. TSMC also compiled feedback from various management personnel and colleagues in charge of promoting sustainable development to identify important sustainability issues, their impact on TSMC operations, and potential concerning challenges.

In 2021, a total of 206 people offered their feedback, a 37 percent increase from the previous year. TSMC has positioned the sustainability report as a management tool. Before compiling the report, we ask departments to submit a concrete action plan to improve issues they are responsible for and a data quality checklist which is approved by the VP or higher of each department to maintain the effectiveness and credibility of disclosed information. For important sustainability issues, TSMC invites business units to report directly to the ESG Committee regarding progress toward long-term goals and future action plans as part of our efforts to fulfill TSMC’s commitment to sustainability.

TSMC strives to fulfill its responsibilities as a corporate citizen and materiality analysis is an important guideline for us as we promote sustainable management. Looking into the future, TSMC will continue to perfect materiality analysis methods and processes to strengthen stakeholder communication and partnership as we work together to map out a better sustainable blueprint towards common good.

Lora Ho

Senior Vice President and ESG Committee Chairperson



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