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Japan – US building stronger trade partnerships with Taiwan

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TORONTO, Canada – Taiwan continues to receive exceptional support as Japan consolidated true friendship with Taiwan with an unprecedented Senate resolution. In international forums, support for US-Taiwan bilateral, building stronger trading partnerships, new business and investment continues, leading with the just concluded#SelectUSASummit, continues to form part of a critical nexus.

“#Boosting trade between the US – Taiwan is the step forward. In addition, #What’s good for Taiwan is good for the US; knowing that # Trade between the US – Taiwan is a win-win.”

In a tweet, Taiwan president Tsai Ing-wen, said: “Delighted to see momentum building for a stronger trade partnership. I look forward to working with the US to advance our shared economic priorities.”

On Friday, Japan’s upper house of parliament approved a motion calling for Taiwan’s attendance at the World Health Assembly (WHA) beginning next year, 2022. The 245-member House of Councilors passed a motion calling on the government to persuade each country to support Taiwan’s right to attend the WHA from next year, CNA reported.

In Taipei, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs (MOFA) welcomed the unprecedented Japanese Senate resolution, stated:

“WHO Resolution on Taiwan Issue on June 11, calls on all countries to agree to Taiwan’s participation in the World Health Assembly (WHA) from 2022, and request the Japanese government to cooperate with other countries to ensure Taiwan’s participation in the WHA. For the first time, the Japanese Senate adopted a resolution to express its firm support for Taiwan’s participation in international organizations, the ministry of foreign affairs expressed its high welcome and sincere gratitude.”

“This resolution was proposed by Japanese cross-party congressmen, symbolizing the full support of Japanese political circles for Taiwan’s participation in the WHO. The resolution pointed out that eradicating the spread of infectious diseases depends on sharing wisdom and experience with the world in regions with outstanding public health achievements. Taiwan, which took the lead in strengthening the epidemic prevention system and other measures, failed to participate in the WHA and caused the loss of the international epidemic prevention system. The international community has a consensus on this.

“Taiwan and Japan share basic values ​​such as freedom, democracy, human rights, and the rule of law, and have close economic and trade relations and personnel exchanges. They are important partners and precious friends to each other. Japan’s executive and legislative departments have repeatedly expressed their firm support for Taiwan’s participation in international affairs, and they have also fully affirmed Taiwan’s epidemic prevention achievements and selfless contribution to the international community. 

“The ministry of foreign affairs sincerely welcomes the unanimous approval of the friend-me resolution by the Japanese Senate. In the future, it will continue to work with Japan and countries with similar ideas to deepen bilateral cooperation, and strive to create a more abundant and friendly atmosphere and environment for Taiwan’s participation in the international multilateral system, demonstrating “Taiwan can help, the whole world should also let Taiwan help.”

Taiwan’s leading role in the global supply of semiconductors means the country is ideally placed to integrate the latest and greatest technologies into the biotech and medical sectors, according to Ethan Tu founder of the Taipei City-based research organization Taiwan AI Labs. Tu also heads the Taiwan AI Federated Learning Alliance. Launched in January, the group is jointly supported by the MOHW and ministries of culture, economic affairs, science and technology, and transportation and communications, as well as the Cabinet-level National Development Council, demonstrating the government’s commitment to marching forward toward a smart island and digital nation.

“Health care is the ideal field to expand the use of AI given the technology’s ability to quickly conduct big data analyses and modeling, Tu said. Taiwan’s National Health Insurance Research Database contains over two decades worth of data and images to assist in this process, he added. “With access to such a rich resource, Tu’s team is looking to put its combined expertise to good use in the field of precision medicine, providing customized treatment plans tailored to individual patients. This is achieved by combining NHI data with information from wearable sensors recording heartbeat, blood pressure, blood sugar and oxygen saturation,” Taiwan Today, reported.

Taiwan is a powerhouse of economic and political gains

Considering that Taiwan is a powerhouse of economic and political gains which was further exemplified at #SelectUSASummit the June 10 virtual meeting between Taiwan’s minister without portfolio John C. C. Deng and US Trade Representative Katherine Tai, underscores the commitment of both sides to strengthening robust economic relations, said the ministry of foreign affairs.

“Deng and Tai also agreed to convene the 11th Taiwan-US Trade and Investment Framework Agreement Council meeting. The event will be held under the auspices of the Taipei Economic and Cultural Representative Office in the US and American Institute in Taiwan in the coming weeks,” Taiwan Today, reported. “The US is interested in continuing to work with Taiwan on issues of common concern in multilateral organizations.”




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