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Jamaica must prepare to cash in on global Cannabis market, says Flynn

By Rochelle Williams

KINGSTON, Jamaica, (JIS) – Chairman of the Cannabis Licensing Authority (CLA), LeVaughn Flynn, says Jamaica must better position itself to capitalise on the growing global market for cannabis, as more countries are permitting its use for medicinal, scientific and therapeutic purposes.

“Specifically, we need to get to a place where we are producing more cannabis by-products like nutraceutical pills, tinctures and cannabidiol (CBD) water. We need to develop this sector where we have these food items that can be infused with CBD along with tetrahydrocannabinol (THC),” he noted.

Flynn was addressing the Jamaica National Agency for Accreditation (JANAAC) webinar, titled ‘Candid Conversations on Cannabis: Jamaica’s Place in the Multibillion-Dollar Growth Industry’ on Wednesday, June 2.

Chairman of the Cannabis Licensing Authority (CLA), LeVaughn Flynn.​
[Photo: JIS Photographer]
Describing cannabis as an “economic enabler”, Flynn said that the rapidly changing industry requires the development of updated regulations, policies and a supportive framework to guide investors, licensees, local herbalists and local farmers so they can then start producing these by-products.

“The industry is rapidly evolving and our laws have to keep pace, otherwise we are on the back foot and we are not best positioned to be able to create [and] to maximise the opportunities that exist,” he noted.

Importantly, he said, accreditation is critical in ensuing proper testing for the “cleanliness” and quality of cannabis products.

“By cleanliness, I mean there is no agricultural product residue in it, there are no microbes in it, there are no heavy metals in the product,” he explained.

Flynn said accreditation will also provide information to determine the percentage of CBD, THC and cannabigerol (CBG) in each plant.

“Once we have a good understanding of the CBD and the terpenoid profile, then that puts the trained medical practitioner in an advantageous position to know how to recommend dosage and medicinal recommendations based on the ailments being treated,” the CLA chairman pointed out.

“We need to get to that place where we are expanding the market and we are using accreditation of the different processes to strengthen the local market, to strengthen reputation, to strengthen consumer confidence and, very important as well, to strengthen the confidence of the international market in our local products when we look to expand the export market,”  Flynn added.

Regulations for Cannabis import-export in final stages

CLA chairman Flynn, says the Dangerous Drugs (Cannabis Import and Export Licensing) Regulations 2020 is now in the final stages before promulgation.

“It is now with the attorney general’s chambers and only awaits, I believe, my signature, then on to Cabinet before it is gazetted. So the export regulations are almost complete,” he added. “All licensees, once they receive an import permit from the receiving country and they meet all the local requirements, we have been issuing ‘No Objection’ letters, which allow licensees to export both ganja flour and ganja oil, and when we have the regulations on board that will further solidify our export industry,” he said.

The CLA is an authority under the ministry of industry, investment and commerce that was established in 2015 under the Dangerous Drugs (Amendment) Act with a specific role to establish and regulate Jamaica’s legal cannabis and hemp industry.




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