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Invictus Capital Reaches $112 Million in Assets Under Management

Amid booming bitcoin and altcoin prices, Invictus Capital witnessed substantial growth in its digital asset investment funds while also launching new platform functionality, including ICAP, a community reward token to boost investment returns

GEORGE TOWN, Cayman Islands–(BUSINESS WIRE)–#ICAPInvictus Capital, the alternative investment firm offering dollar-denominated, blockchain-based investment funds, releases its 2021 Q1 report, indicating 50 percent growth in assets under management (AUM). The success of Q1 includes the launch of a range of platform improvements as part of the company’s broader plan to become a global leader in alternative asset investing.

Last year showcased the true potential that cryptocurrencies have in an environment of excessive government intervention in currency markets, with the unprecedented levels of monetary and fiscal stimulus driving the asset class to new heights. Hoping to secure their slice of the pie, dozens of institutional investors joined the crypto frenzy, which has continued into the new year. Bitcoin reached a milestone $63,000 per coin price at its peak, with segments of the altcoin market (particularly in the DeFi space) showing even greater appreciation. As crypto prices skyrocketed, Invictus Capital — whose focus is on offering structured crypto asset funds with favourable risk-adjusted return profiles—reached new heights.

Invictus Capital’s team produced a number of strong growth metrics throughout Q1. They are highlighted by the following data points:

  • 221 percent: The flagship Crypto20 index fund (C20) appreciated 221 percent over the quarter, driven by booming altcoin prices that helped the fund outpace both Bitcoin and Ethereum.
  • 20 percent APY: The annualized return generated by the ultra low-risk Invictus Margin Lending fund (IML) over the quarter.
  • $112 million: The total assets under management (AUM) by the company’s team of veteran investment professionals peaked at $112 million in February and ended the quarter at over $100 million—which amounts to 50 percent growth over the quarter.

Alongside the successes of the company’s crypto funds, Invictus Capital launched a number of ventures during Q1, including the Invictus OTC desk, Liquidity Mining Rewards Programs, and the C20 fund token. The firm’s roadmap was punctuated by the migration to the Polygon sidechain, which provides a solution to the high network fees associated with hosting the platform on Ethereum.

“Our Q1 report speaks volumes about the cryptocurrency market’s ongoing boom and the lucrative opportunity that structured crypto funds offer,” says Daniel Schwartzkopff, CEO of Invictus Capital. “We see the most recent bull cycle—which coincides with greater institutional adoption—as a critical juncture in Bitcoin’s relatively short history and a signal that the broad adoption of cryptocurrencies as a global store-of-value is becoming a certainty for the medium term, with digital assets offering many improvements over assets that have traditionally filled the role, such as gold.”

About Invictus Capital

Founded in 2017, Invictus Capital is grounded in the idea that investment should be democratized, made more affordable, and conscientious. Using blockchain technology and a data-driven, scientific approach to radically transform the investment industry, Invictus Capital allows investors to own a diversified portfolio of alternative assets and reach ambitious investment objectives, while also being able to share in the company’s broader success through the ICAP token.


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