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If Cuba is poor, Colombia is a pittance in front of Cuba

Dear Comrades

The Saint Lucia – Cuba Humanistic Solidarity Association (HSA) stands in solidarity with the response of Spanish journalist Edgar Eddie Ferreira to the Colombian foreign minister Claudia Blum who said:

“Cuba is an extremely poor country where the backwardness is evident in its infrastructures.”

The answer given by the Spanish journalist, Edgar Eddie Ferreira, left her quiet:

  1. Yesterday 200 million children in the world slept on the street for lack of a roof and I assure you that none of them are Cuban, but many are Colombian.
  1. In the world there are hundreds of millions of people without medical coverage and I assure you that none is Cuban, and in Colombia alone, more than half of the population have no medical insurance and those who have it are not treated efficiently.
  1. In the world there are millions of illiterate people and none are Cuban, but many are Colombians.
  1. So far in 2020, they have assassinated social leaders all around the world; in Colombia they kill them every day, and the president does nothing to stop this massacre of the State against the people.
  1. Cuba in culture, sports, health and education is the best in the region. When Colombia can surpass Cuba in some social progress, that day you can give an opinion, minister; in the meantime, look at your country and reflect, how a small island like Cuba compares to Colombia, that despite having all the natural resources to be a great Country. Colombia in the world today does not rank as anything good, because they are considered the most corrupt, the most murderous, and the country with the most drug traffickers, the most crimes, the most ignorance, the highest unemployment rate in the region, the highest murder rate, and Colombia’s president is a rolling circus, talking nonsense wherever he goes.

Minister, I tell you all this as a journalist born in Spain, and who has had the opportunity to travel to Cuba, and who has worked in Colombia, and living and working in Colombia is a challenge for a journalist, who by practicing this profession can be killed at any moment; only last year in Colombia, 36 journalists were murdered.

In Cuba no one is murdered for being a journalist or for thinking differently. If Cuba is poor, Colombia is a pittance in front of Cuba.

– This article originally published in Spanish was translated by Peter Lansiquot, first vice-president of the Saint Lucia – Cuba Humanistic Solidarity Association (HSA) and president of the Saint Lucia – Venezuela Solidarity & Integrationist Movement (SLVSIM).



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