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Hatred convulses the world

Dear Sir

The spate of hatred perpetrated against Asian Americans in the United States through physical and verbal attacks; and the discrimination against LGBTQ, Black, Latino, Indian and Jewish Americans in recent years highlights the persecution of minorities in the US and the world.

Blacks and Native Americans in the US have experienced this over the past 300 years. Other minorities in the world have been subjected to persecution and discrimination, and all of the wars in the world have had an element of hatred within them. Genocide has been committed against the Armenians by the Turks, in Rwanda by Hutus against the Tutsis, in Cambodia by the Khmer Rouge, and by the Serbs against the Bosnians.

Jews in the world, especially in Europe, have been persecuted over the millennia, and they experienced the largest genocidal massacre of all time. The Holocaust in the 1930s and 1940s perpetrated by Nazi Germany and the Nazi leaders (who amazingly claimed to be devout Christians’), along with the acquiescence of the vast majority of the German people, exemplified the European hatred of the Jews. An Anti-Defamation League study in 2019 documented widespread anti-Jewish behavior persisted against a miniscule Jewish population of 0.2 percent of the total European population.

Greece was at 67 percent Jew hatred with Jews only 0.05 percent of the Greek population, Poland 48 percent, Ukraine 46 percent, Hungary 42 percent, Russia 31 percent, Spain 28 percent, Austria 20 percent, Italy 18 percent, France 17 percent and Germany 15 percent. The United Kingdom, Netherlands, Belgium, Denmark, Norway, Sweden and Finland were 5 to 15 percent. In comparison the US was 14 percent, but attacks are increasing by neo-Nazis and Muslims. Muslim countries in the Middle East and North Africa were at 74 percent Jew hatred.

Muslim persecution of Christians was recently documented in the ” World Wide List, 2021 “. It states every day in some Muslim countries 13 Christians are killed, 12 are arrested or imprisoned, 5 are abducted and 12 churches are attacked. Extreme persecution of Christians, which includes harassing, beating, imprisoning and raping occurs in 12 nations, nine of which are Muslim-majority countries, including Afghanistan, Somalia, Libya, Pakistan, Yemen, Iran, Nigeria, Iraq and Syria. Nearly 80 percent of Christian persecution in the world is committed by Muslims. The United States has seen a number of Muslim attacks on Christians and Jews, including the World Trade Center, 9/11 and numerous attacks by individuals over the decades.

Some strides have been made in reducing the persecution of people, but there remains a long way to go to overcome the convulsiveness of hatred and violence in the world perpetrated against people who are typically very intelligent, educated and successful.

‘ Look up Nazi Germany leaders and Christianity.  

Donald Moskowitz 

Londonderry NH



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